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Wood Working

Lowell’s newfound talent is wood working. He started out making an unbelievable bunk bed for the girls, then he made his dad a chess board for his birthday in September, and he’s been working on a wardrobe/armoir for  a priest who will be working at a Mercy House in Virginia.

It is 7 feet tall, 6 feet wide, and 2-3 feet deep. One said will hold all of the hanging vestments, and the other side will hold all the sacramentals and has 7 drawers. Lowell has been working on it since September and has really learned alot. He has done a phenominal job too! It has cost us a pretty penny, but we’ve made it happen and we received a handful of small donations.

Lowell is currently working on drawer covers then is going to make the doors so it can be closed and locked, keeping everything safe. We are going to have to rent a trailer to haul it down to Virginia, and when we get it down there, Lowell and his dad are going to sand and stain it before delivering it to the Mercy House.

George in the wardrobe...early stages
George in the wardrobe...early stages


armoir "skeleton"
hanging area close-up

drawers close-up
 The open area between the drawers and the shelves on top in the right side will be covered in felt for the monstrance and chalice, etc.
working on drawers
drawers completed
working on drawer covers
The drawer covers are the most recent phase of this project. I will post more pics of the final stages and finished product when it’s completed. To learn more about the place Lowell is building this for, visit: www.divinemercynow.org

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