*In a Nut Shell


In the FOX movie, Robots, all the older robots are being out-moded. By out-moded it means robots are reaching the end of their “warranty” and parts are becoming unavailable, so the robots can either A) fall apart until they “die”, or B) pay the big money to be upgraded. Naturally, the movie is about the ‘bots who can’t afford the upgrade and are freaking out because there is no new parts to fix their broken parts, and what are they going to do, etc. etc. Then along comes the small city ‘bot who saves the day.

Anyway, I feel like my “robots” are falling apart and being out-moded! My printer/copier/scanner has finally taken a dive and the most “available” option is to upgrade for a fine, pretty penny … or maybe a couple thousand fine, pretty pennies. I think it is absolutly terrible that you pay arms and legs (and sometimes toes, fingers, and noses too!) for the stuff that we come to rely on and the best option for an out-mode-ing item is upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. I think companies do it on purpose. It’s all a conspiracy… “Let’s make these people spend oober-tons of money on our stuff, but lets make it somewhat less dependable that they will be forced to pour loads of money into constant fixing/updating OR make them just drop unimaginable amounts of money on our nicest product that will also start falling apart before they know it OR when we’re lucky, they’ll do both!”

I wish I had a Rodney Copperbottom (the small city ‘bot who is handy and saves the day in the Robots movie.). Lowell is handy in everything HANDy, but the electronics field has pretty much always fallen in my hands and this printer/copier/scanner robot is bigger than me and the best thing I can see to do is upgrade. That is, unless one of my readers knows about these things and can help me out! Are you my Rodney Copperbottom??? If so, please help!


One thought on “Out-Moded

  1. I agree. I remember my horror when I found out that my washer, same brand as the one my mom bought used when my parents got married and just replaced, was built to last 5 years. There is less money in fixing than in upgrading, I suspect.

    Good luck with your printer. I well remember the pain of replacing ours.


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