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Don’t You Just Love Surprises?

We sure do!

Lowell got the wardrobe 99% completed and ready for travel. So, we rented a Uhaul, bade upstate Freeze York “tootles!” and drove to less freezing Manassas to spend Christmas with Lowell’s family…did I mention his family didn’t know we were cming to spend Christmas with them?????

Originally, Lowell took leave so he could surprise me and just not go in for his shift on Christmas day, but when things with the wardrobe got delayed a bit, he decided he would let me in on his surprise and asked what I thought about driving the huge thing down here just before Christmas and surprise his family, most especially his mom. I believe my answer is self explanatory ;) We were shooting to leave home around 1:00 yesterday afternoon, but Lowell had a few more last minute things to do with wardrobe for it to travel. The last minute things turned into hours so we didn’t end up on the road until close to 5:00. We pulled in at just around one in the morning and surprised everyone who mustered enough curiousity to roll out of bed to see what all the commotion was about — it was so fun! Then we got to surprise all over again this morning with the other family members who didn’t get up when we originally got here.

I brought a few gifts for the kids and Lowell to open on Christmas as we plan to head home on Monday and will have our own little Christmas on Tuesday before Lowell goes back to work on Wednesday. Our agenda calendar shows for nothing more than Mass and visiting – hooray! Doesn’t get much better than this. This will be the first time in our 5 Christmases together that we will spend it with more than just our little family, I almost don’t know what to do with myself!  The girls are just as happy as can be with everyone. George is still being shy, but he’ll be over it soon. Lowell’s dad has grown a beard, so with his square glasses, big belly, and round, bearded face, the girls are pretty convinced that their Papaw is Santa! Too cute :)

Lowell and Santa are off delivering the wardrobe to the Mercy House. I am hoping to go by there tomorrow and take some pictures of the final product, minus the extra sanding and the staining, so I can show you what an amazing job he did and so you can see it in it’s new home. Thanks again to everyone who was able to give a small donation, for everyone who prayed for Lowell while working on it, and for the people who stepped in and helped with supplying Lowell with the needed hardware and loaning tools we can’t yet afford.

Merry Christmas and God Bless You and your’s ♥


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