Have Slow Drains?

I just had to share because it is so awesome and works AMAZINGLY WELL!
Do you have a slow draining shower/tub, or a kitchen/bathroom sink? I have the solution you need:
*Remove the plug, if you can, to allow this to work most effectively.
1) pour 1 cup of Baking Soda in to the drain;
2) immediately pour 1 cup of Vinegar over the Baking Soda;
3) once it fizzes for a little bit, flush with HOT water for about 2 minutes;
4) and ta duh! no more plugged/stopped/slow drains!
This gets rid of hair/soap scum and even grease in the kitchen sink drain.
I just did this in my tubs and sinks and am so gratified, I wish I had more to do! :)

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