*Navy Life

Navy Jell-O

We are in the Jell-O zone again about our moving in November this year.

Lowell spoke with his Detailer last week, just to touch base, see what’s out there, and let him know where we’d like to go. But, after establishing Lowell made First Class, he was informed that MM1’s are in highest demand in … Japan(!!!!!). They are pretty under man’d there I guess and there is seemingly no way out of this. It would pan out to be we’d move from NY to CA in November and stay there for 4 months before moving overseas. It’s true that it’s only January and everything can, and most likely will, change a million times before any orders are written, so I refuse to be upset about it.

There is no point in being upset and losing sleep over Jell-O, right? The only major hang up I have about going to Japan is being without family, or access to family, while he is gone for months on end. I have some medical paperwork I am supposed to fill out and have my doctor sign off on and turn in for a program the military has for family members with special medical conditions. It may, or may not, help the Detailer in deciding where to send us based on my needs. Once again, this just adds to the unsettling nature of our Jell-O plans, and might even be unhelpful in the event that it takes them too long to decide what category I fall under with all my medical necessitites.

So, here’s to waiting, and wondering … He talks to the Detailer again this week or next. Maybe I can take a few Jell-O shots while this is being worked out?


3 thoughts on “Navy Jell-O

    1. @FC, I’m not giving up on California… but I am going to refocus my attentions on America in general in hopes that Japan will disappear as an option …
      @Rachel, I can see going to Japan as being exciting, but I am too selfish to consider it great without access to trusted help. :-/ I guess this is why Japan is priority one: God has a thing or two to show me about selfishness and rightly so!


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