*In a Nut Shell

January Wrap-up

I haven’t forgotten that I owe you pictures of the wardrobe/armoir Lowell finished and we brought to Virginia over Christmas. The House of Mercy is building a replica of The Grotto that the altar will be in and behind it will be the sacristy where the wardrobe will go. Once they are ready to put it in, Lowell’s dad is going to sand and finish it, then they will mount it to the wall and send us some pictures of the final look. I will post & share them with you then :)

Faith will be 4 in nine days. She has us on a countdown and says she wants a white cake. I’m excited that birthdays are still only about what kind of cake we can have and not what presents! We won’t do much as there are two other little girls who are having birthday parties around that time on the “Daddy’s Days Off,” so unless we did something later in the month…? Nah. We will make it fun with just us. No need in being in the habit of multiple birthdays, right? Sorry for the ramble… So, she will be 4, is the size of a 5 year old, and is really turning a leaf in maturity…and determination. She is so helpful and for the most part quite sweet with Felicity & George. Oh, but when she gets set on something that doesn’t pan out, or if she decides she doesn’t like dinner, or she is too cool to pray the rosary? Ooooooh man! We are trying to find ways to crack down on her without over doing it, ya know? Trying not to fuel the fire while trying to put it out.

 Felicity is off and on potty training. She is way more enthusiastic about it than Faith ever was, so hopefully we’ll get somewhere sooner rather than later. She is still feisty and hot headed, but the girl can sing and knows very well how to be an angel. I started looking into singing lessons, just to see, and it’s going to be between $150 and $210 for a Feb-June class that meets once a week. I just don’t know about that… I’ve been doing homework and talked to Lowell about it and can’t seem to find that push to make it happen this time, but maybe the next “semester”.

Georgio is by far my funniest kid! Do you watch The Office? Well, George reminds me of Jim from The Office. Hair kinda messy all the time, a huge sideways smile, and always looking for a joke. George laughs at and about everything that happens. And he teases too. He will take something from the girls and run a few steps away and turn around waving it in his arms, but when the girls get up to get it from him, he bolts in the other direction laughing and laughing! Or, just a few weeks ago, he climbed on the couch and sat next to Faith, smiling his camera smile, and holding his hands behind his back. Well, all of the sudden he reveals his hands were holding a “weapon” and started hitting Faith in the face with it!! It was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. Totally premeditated and naughty, but so hilarious! He is pretty sensative though and very shy. I continue to be amazed at how different he is, all out of his shell and nutty when we’re home, but when we are in public, he is straight faced and stoic. Yes, I think stoic is the perfect word for it. I am totally loving the adventures of raising a son, though, and hope that #4 will be a pal for him!

 NO! I am not pregnant, just for future reference! I have been so thankful for this break, but at the same time I feel like I am ready. I know I am not physically ready, though, and the diabetes department is also in the “improve” department. I got my wrists slapped in December for having elevated numbers. They take an A1c blood test that gives an over all average of my numbers for the previous 3 months. They grade the results on a scale of 1-12 with 6-7 being just right and mine was 8.7 :( So, I have been cracking down and changing things around for that as well. It was totally my fault my numbers weren’t great because I really slacked off the checking-my-blood-frequently wagon, but have improved and hope that when I go in later next month it won’t be unpleasant! What else? Oh! I started a group on facebook called “What’s on the Menu?” and it has around 140 members now. We all exchange recipes and tips and whatnot on there and it’s been fun. I’ve made some really yummy things from there, and some not so yummy things, but over all it’s been great.
The man is building another bunkbed for some friends from Church and then he plans to build a double rocker (rocking horse) with a horse and a bull on it. He also got some plans to build a motorcycle rocker, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing one of those down the road as well. He is also going to make me a table top to make our table a little bigger until we can afford alot of wood, and have more work space, to build a nice big one.

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