*In a Nut Shell


George is that annoying little brother who will go out of his way to come up with the perfect prank to pull on his sister(s). And will be so proud, he’ll jump out and laugh uncontrollably at their dismay rather than sneak off undetected. Mark my words …

He completely amazes me! I suppose I go on and on so much about him because he is my first son and my first real taste at raising a boy, but I am continuously impressed by all the “built-in” boyness about him. His making animal noises, driving cars, picking on the girls, his absolute need to throw everything, hitting/being rough, and trying to build things – not only with blocks but when he’s “helping” Lowell in the garage.

What’s funny to me is what he knows. Like he knows he won’t get much of reaction out of Felicity by attacking her or her toys because she fights back without blinking. Faith, however, is such a ninny sometimes and just takes the abuse with a whine, giving George the upper hand (no pun intended) and just fuels the fire. He always seeks Faith out first. Poor Faith. Tonight, she was playing on the couch, and climbed up in his special corner beside the couch and just attacked her. And, the more upset she got, the funnier he thought it was and the harder he hit. I picked him up, told him what he was doing was naughty, helped him “aplogize” to Faith and removed him from the situation. In reality, the only thing he understood was being removed … from his entertainment. So, there he was again, fast as lightning next to Faith, hand ready to slap! I picked him up again, told him No, No and put him in the corner until he was ready to behave. I knew he wasn’t going to stay, and he didn’t as he followed me as I walked away, but I thought it might help. When Faith spotted he wasn’t in the corner, she ofcourse had to tell the George is up, so I turned to George and asked him if he was ready to behave. To my complete belief, he shook his head no, walked to his spot, climbed up and resumed his abusive activity. I finally just moved Faith to a new spot and have had a fair portion of peace ever since.

I have more stories, but alot don’t do justice without the appropriate sound effects and/or faces. I will try to take more pics to help illustrate future Georgeisms because they are worth the giggle!


One thought on “Georgeisms

  1. Um, since George is a boy, you need to reinforce lessons (like don’t hit your sister) with physical pain. I can only therefore assume you really don’t mind if he clobbers her.


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