*In a Nut Shell

A Summed Up Recap of ‘Recently’

Faith recently turned 4. Well, I should say she turned four almost a month ago!! I’m so behind in my blogging. We celebrated with cake and strawberries and a few presents. It was a low-key, but family filled day :) She is such a great help to me and I continue to be so proud of her and all she does. Among her gifts, she got some pretend costume jewelry and bouncy balls, and as she marvelled over them she asked, “Mommy, can I share these with Felicity??” So sweet!  

Felicity… Felicity is my little run away. Literally. I can’t even begin to tell you the horrible experiences I have had with her recently. Let’s just say that she needs to be held at all times to avoid completely disrupting Sunday morning Mass (that is no exaggeration)… She is capable of being so sweet, but no matter how much we nurture that part of her personality, this other, feisty part seems to always win. I am convinced that part of the problem is not getting to run off her energies. So, hopefully, thing will improve when our snow melts and we can play outside again. On a lighter note about our bright girl, the other night, after dinner, I was serving a pie I made. I brought Lowell his, then came back with a piece for Felicity. When I placed it in front of her, she said to me, “Thanks, baby, I love it!” We got a great laugh from that one.

George is in love with our kitty, Suzie. (Faith got a kitten for her birthday.) He picks her up and carries her around everywhere in the crook of his arm. He continues to be Lowell’s mini-me.  He is all boy and makes me crazy being destructive, but he also makes me laugh all day long. He knows how to “quack” like a duck and pant like a dog, so he often brings me our kiddie books with dogs and ducks so we can read and make sounds. He seems so much more grown up at 15 months than the girls did. I don’t know if it’s just the reality of having two older siblings or if he really is ahead of the curve a bit.

Lowell is working on a bunk bed for some friends. He is shooting to have it complete by St Patrick’s day. Work is busy, but going good. We still haven’t heard more about the Navy’s plan for us, but we got the paperwork submitted for my health, so we should probably start hearing about things within the next 2-3 weeks.

We have had a visitor since Saturday. Lowell’s cousin, Cecilia, came to visit us while on school break. She goes to school up near the Canadian border, so just hopped a quick flight to us and some hanging out until the 7th. We’ve really enjoyed having her! The kids have had fun with her and she’s been very helpful too. We will all be sad to see her go, but maybe she can come again :)

Lent is coming. I feel so unprepared about it! It always ends up being one of those things where you just jump in and hit the ground running. I am excited for it to begin, though. There is some things I hope to improve on, like stop yelling at the kids, while, in turn, strengthening my spiritual life. The last part is going to require my removing myself from cyber-social networking. I hate the idea of giving up facebook as it’s my only out. I will pray about it some more. Some friends are giving up fastfood, watching tv, listening to the radio, etc. but those are things I’ve basically given up with my lifestyle! We haven’t watched tv for 2 years now, we only eat out once a month-if at all, and I only listen to the radio when I’m in the car, but I don’t go out often in all this cold yuck. I remember when Lent was “easy” in giving those things up. But, I guess that’s the point: It isn’t supposed to be easy! What are your wholesome plans for Lent?


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