*In a Nut Shell

Time ‘March’es On!

We recently went to Virginia for a Chris Schaper Family Reunion. All the siblings, spouses, grandkids, and grandbaby baking, were there. It was a wonderful time, as always is!, and was very heartwarming to see how happy Lowell’s parents were to have everyone together.

One of Faith’s new obsessions is her “prince”. He is mostly a nameless fellow who is still little, like she is, living at his parents’ home, growing up the way kids do. He is going to grow up someday and come find her, marry her and have a dance, then ride off to their home, a castle. Other times, her prince is her daddy, and of that I am quite happy! Hopefully her nameless fellow will be like her father and treat her like a queen! J So, with that, and her wanting to turn five so she can have bubble gum, and get bigger so she can drive a red truck, she is pretty much on her way to a pretty sweet happily ever after.

Felicity is still my determined child! I feel bad that I cant ever muster up a sweet story about her! … well, that’s not true. She is so cute when she has one of her “I love you too, Dad” moments where she is so adorable, gentle, and loving, all smiles, hugs, and full of “I love you’s” She enjoys talking about bubble gum and driving an orange truck when she gets bigger too. She loves our cat to the point of over bearing, but the cat LOVES it, so we can’t complain about that.

George has really taken off the last two weeks with a little vocabulary. He makes the “puh” sound for ‘please’ and says “key-coo” for ‘thank you’ He can say the usual “momma” “dadda” “uh oh” shakes his head ‘no’ and is working on nodding for yes. He recently started saying “kee kee kee” when talking about the kitty and he folds his hands to pray too J

In other news, the kids are saving “monies” to fly to California to see my family aka Granny and Papa Schroeder. Faith kept talking about wanting to go on a “hairpwane” to see everyone so I kept explaining to her that Daddy needed to go to work to get more money so we could buy tickets and fly out there…She just wasn’t quite getting it and was getting discouraged when Lowell was coming home everyday without enough funds. So, I came up with a grand scheme! I gave them a tall Tupperware that has a hole in the lid and I told them that when they fill up their -now called- bucket to the top, then we will have enough to go. So, whenever Lowell comes home with some change, all three gather around and drop it through the hole. It’s pretty cute to watch them see their “monies” accumulate. We’ve had a few people donate some pocket change to the cause after hearing what our kids are doing. It really has helped the kids understand saving money and working toward something.

the kids adding monies to the bucket

excited for their accumulating monies!

Most of our snow had melted, but they’re saying we’re due to get 10-12 inches on Friday. Yuck. I don’t imagine, if it does snow that much, that it will stick for long. We had a real nice day on St Patrick’s day, so Lowell pulled out the kids’ bikes and cars. They were so excited, it was like Christmas all over again! It was especially fun to watch George’s face because this was basically the first time he’d seen all those cool toys. It has been pretty nice, but we’ve had skin piercing, bone chilling wind that has made the outdoors unbearable a lot of the days since then. After our proposed freak storm, though, we are in store for some 40’s and 50’s weather – yay!

Today, I took the kids to get the chicken pox from one of the neighbor kids. They swapped some lollipops and played all up in each others faces, enjoyed blowing some tunes from the same harmonica. So, I hope to see some little red spots in the next few weeks-Yippee!! My friend posted that her son has it and I got so excited. I guess some people might think I’m weird, but I don’t plan on vaccinating against it, unless they get to be teenagers without ever having it, then we will go about doing it, maybe. I will let you know if we catch it and I’ll over night you some infected lollipops to share the love :-p

Still nothing from the Navy about what they want to do with us. I am thinking, more so than ever now, that they probably won’t send us to Japan after all with all of the crisises they’re having over there. I heard somewhere that they’re actually moving some families back to the states. We will see what happens. Life’s always bowl of jell-o where the United States military is concerned. But, you’ve heard me say that :-p


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