*In a Nut Shell

Ah Ha!

All day, I told Felicity, “Leave Suzie alone. You are being too rough and she doesn’t want to play with you.” And, all day long, she insisted on chasing that poor cat all over the house trying to get her to play house, or take her to the grocery store, or put doll clothes on her…

Well, at the end of the day, okay not really the end, but almost dinner time, we were all gathered on a step of the stairs sunning where we have a tiny window that the sun graciously popped out and blasted it’s warmth through. Suzie came wandering up to see why we were huddled, trying to be all covert and James Bond style, avoiding another run for her life from Felicity, but she was spotted! Felicity reached out for her, but Suzie turned on a dime and was down the stairs faster than you can say “meow!” As Felicity bolted after her, I said it again, Leave the cat alone. If you keep bothering her, she is going to scratch and bite you! She told me that she needed to play with Suzie and continued after her. Oh well, she has been warned, I thought…

So, I am still sunning in my little window and I start hearing this commotion coming from the living room.

*scuffle* Felicity: OOoooooowwww! No! That Hurts!
*more scuffling, panting, things moving* Felicity: Stop it! I want you! Ow!

I am giggling to myself, knowing her personality, I picture Felicity all red faced and determined. Suzie, on the other hand, has totally figured out all of Felicity’s tactics throughout the day and has one upped all of her attempts and is fighting back in the process. Felicity, though, was getting MORE fired up and determined the harder to get Suzie was becoming…

*scuffles, pants, grunts* Felicity: Ooooooouch! Stop it! I want you, Suzie, lets play. C’mon *pause* I got your tail! Ouch!
*wimpers, scuffles, things moving, pillows crashing* Felicity: In the name *mumbles* I capture you!!! Ah ha! hahahahaha! I did it! I captured y… No Suzie!! Mommy, Suzie ran awa…
*jumping, panting, scuffling, silence* Me: Uuumm, Felicity? Is everything okay? What happened?
*Felicity appears at the bottom of the stairs, rather beat up looking, but with a pleased smile on her face and an upside down Suzie in her arms* Felicity: Look, Mommy! I did it! I captured the kitty cat and so now…well, now I don’t wanna pway with her, she bites!

She let Suzie go and that was that after an entire day. It all came down to one last battle, an “I capture you!” and a simple determination to never give up on what she sets her mind to. I need to help mould that so she can do great things in the world with it when she gets older….


**”I capture you” comes from Pooh’s Heffalump Movie where all the characters go on an expedition to capture a heffalump (elephant) and when they capture one, they have to say “In the name of the hundred acre wood, I capture you!” When I made it down the steps, I found that she had used a blanket and a rosary as a lasso (like in the movie) to help her with the capturing…One was wrapped around my Sacred Heard statue and the other around the Blessed Mother :D


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