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For The First Time…

In over four years of being a mom, I am dealing with a serious case of stomach flu. Well, not me personally, all of my kids are.
                     *warning, this may be considered “graphic” to some!*

I am not afraid of vomit at all. I can make a clean up happen and not blink twice. Blankets, floors, persons, pillows, toys, everything, no prob. BUT, when throw up gets in the way of my getting a good night’s sleep? It is a whooooole new ball game!

George got sick first, on Sunday during Mass. Lowell went to the car with him and by the time the girls and I caught up, George seemed fine just as he seemed all the earlier part of the morning. However, by dinner that evening, he was feverish and had thrown up a few more times. On Monday, there was a few pukes but the sickness changed course and started coming out the rear. Late Tuesday, he was fever free and seemed to have gotten over the rear action, but still was acting very out of it and continued in the same condition all of today. He is eating and drinking, not showing any signs of dehydration (peeing regularly, has tears when he cries, etc.), so I think he is all unsettled inside his poor tummy from the puking, diarrhea, and being feverish.

Throughout the first few days of this, the girls were as crazy and silly as usual. I prayed and prayed after George’s Mass puke that God would spare me middle-of-the-night throw up because I know how I get if my sleep is interrupted over and over again, and it also messes my blood sugar up when I don’t get enough sleep. And, knowing that my kids have never had the flu in their whole life, they were not going to take well to this gross new concept and demand help, attention, and plenty of clean jammies. I was holding out hope that God had heard my cry from the pew… Surely if they got sick, they would get sick during the day so I could show them the ropes to getting through throwing up successfully. By successfully I mean making the toilet every time because having to wait for that beloved blanket and/or toy to get washed and dried is time consumming and difficult to bear, especially when you need the comfort it brings you while not feeling one hundred percent. Ah, and the Lord heard my prayer, just not the way I hoped He would! He, being the All Knowing, Amazing, and Merciful Lord He is, sent me the mid-night pukes so that I could be Christ-like and NOT grumpy about it. So, when Felicity came to me at 4:15 this morning to inform me she needed the other blanket because hers had “barfings” on it, (I hadn’t slept even 3 hours because Lowell is on Swings *2-midnight shift* and he likes me to wait up for him before going to bed which is usually after 1:00),  I immediately thought of my prayer in Mass, followed by a blog I just started following where a mom posted about doing unto the least of His people… So, I jumped up and made it happen without a peep. Got everything cleaned up and squared away, discussed the importance of barfing in the toilet, if you can’t make it, here is a bucket, consoled an upset George because the commotion woke him up, got Faith some water, and ran back to my pillow. Ten minutes later, cries. Felicity again. Got up, repeated the whole process, except Faith went potty instead of needing water, and ran back to bed. Twenty-two minutes later, Felicity again. And, again. And, again. I failed my chance of being a patient and loving, understanding mother after the fourth time. Hopped out of bed with complaints about my much needed sleep being taken away from me. How was I going to take care of two sick babies with my husband on stupid Swings and without sleep. Complain, complain, complain, grunts, annoyance, and more complaints. This happened two more times, and then we all slept until 8:35 when we started all over again. By lunch time, Faith crashed and was down for the puking count, and Felicity had it out both ends. They spent the rest of the day sleeping, crying, relieving their stomach in various fashions, drinking lots of water, and watching Shirley Temple.

How do I feel about being the mom of stomach flu infected kids? Exhausted, no pun intended! I got control of myself, biting my tongue a few times to help myself along… Faith hasn’t been too bad, eating, drinking, only tossing her stomach three times. Poor Felicity is a wreck, though. I got them all to keep most of dinner down, and I loaded that and their water/gatorade with acidophilus and other probiotics. So, the probiotics and their usual daily doses of multi vitamins, and vitamins C & D, will hopefully see this thing out of our house as soon as possible. After seeing what sickness has done to my never sick children, making them all weak and out of sorts, I would be just fine if they never saw the flu again. I do have to say, though, and I know this is terrible, I hope that this is what it’s going to take for the chicken pox we attempted to catch last week to pop up. Why not?! Two birds with one stone, right? Then again, my poor babies are pretty wiped, maybe we could use a breather before little red spots show up. Your will be done, Lord!


2 thoughts on “For The First Time…

  1. You’re doing well! I think the first time everyone is sick it’s the worst because they don’t have any clue of what to do and their immunity isn’t good. Over time, they hope for the stomach flu and days of tv watching while barfing into a trashcan by the couch instead of school. The other end though….that’s not my favorite. And I’m more like Jesus with the money changers than anything else when dealing with sick kids!


  2. That’s true, Rachel, my kids will look forward to sick days when school days are part of our life. Your kids are lucky to get tv on the couch with a trash can near by! When I was growing up, we died in our rooms with a towel on our pillow (incase there was an accident) and strict instructions to MAKE THE TOILET on time. :-p


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