*Navy Life

God and Government

We finally found out about my enrollment to the military’s EFM (Exceptional Family Member) Program that we put in motion in February. I am enrolled, finally, and was placed in Category 4, which means we need:
    Major medical areas within continental United States to include Hawaii. The EFM’s medical, mental health, and educational needs require assignment to billets within a 50-mile radius of major medical locations. This can be a major Military Treatment Facility or a civilian TRICARE facility. 

EFM being me, and TRICARE being our insurance. I am almost a pro when it comes to dealing with our insurance as I know the quick ropes of making things happen, so that is never a concern for us. That said, it looks like Japan is out! Lowell will still have to speak with his detailer again, but he has put in two more requests for San Diego. We were looking at a list of job openings in the fleet and 3/4 of them were in Japan, and there is one in California and some in Virginia. Our other option is Washington state, but I don’t know if Lowell even looked to see what their openings were. Praise the Lord we get to stay “home”! Now our future fate lies in the hands of our government, on a number of levels, but we continue to trust God’s hand in whatever happens.

With all this talk about the government shutting down and the military not getting paid, I decided to take a break from facebook for a couple days. That’s all everybody is talking about and it is just too much drama. I know I should be concerned, and I am, but I am not obssessing about it. We have a little cushion and we have been guaranteed atleast half of our next pay check if the shutdown happens tonight. We will receive the other half, and any other missed pay periods, in back pay as everything gets back on track. Some people are worried about that as they’ve had bad experiences with their pay being messed up, but we’ve been blessed so far with not having any pay issues.

I pray for the families who heavily rely on their service member’s income and those who have to live paycheck to paycheck. I also pray that Capitol Hill will just come to grips and agree! I don’t know if you’ve been following what is happening, but on Wednesday the House of Representatives passed a bill that would give a one week extension to come up with a new budget, cut 12 billion dollars, and ensure the military receives pay until the end of this fiscal year (Sept 30). The Senate said they weren’t going to vote on it because the 12 billion included cuts toward Planned Parenthood, and the president got involved and said he would veto it any way because it wasn’t a resolution but a distraction. Here we are now, on Friday, ticking down to midnight and the government shutting down, and those guys on the Hill can’t agree to sign off on the new budget because of a 2% cut toward PP. Some say it’s like shoving women under buses to keep the government from shutting down. Really?  Hospitals and clinics offer cheap, sometimes even free!, exams and treatments ALL THE TIME for people who can’t afford it. There is a fast growing group on facebook “Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act 2011” telling people to call their senators and congress men/women and sound off. Anyway, one guy on there made a comment that it wouldn’t hurt PP to have a 2% cut, and it was more like throwing our soldiers, sailors, and their dependants in front of a bus to shut the government down. Now, I think that whatever side you’re on, nobody is going to get shoved under buses. Like I said earlier, drama.

We are all a people stuck in the hands of our silly government, but even our silly government is with us in the hands of God! So, please pray for the frantic people, that they not remain too frantic and remember to trust God in whatever ends up happening. And, please pray for a quick resolve to this budget issue and that it ends in the interest of life and not the interest of the group most opposed to it. :) 


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