*In a Nut Shell

Out of The Sickness Woods & More

The kids are doing much better. We were out of the sick-sickness woods fairly quick, but they remained lumps on the couch until Monday. Felicity is still out of control grumpy, but I’m sure we’ll pull out of that soon with some TLD. (Tender Loving Discipline) She just thinks she is big (wo)man on campus and has totally lost her proper, peaceful, pleasant place.

Still no chicken pox! I am beginning to think my kids might have super immunity or something – haha! Seriously, the kids that were exposed the same day my kids were have already sprouted spots. The boy who had them first is all cleared up now, but his little sister broke out on Monday, so perhaps we will get something from her as she and my girls have been hanging out alot recently.

Our friends’ horse is due any minute to have a baby so we’ve been on stand by so we can go up and see it when it arrives. Faith and Felicity talk about it all day, every day. They are very excited about this! Our friends have a regular little farm with the horse (soon to be horses :) ), and they’re getting chickens in a week or so (they’re going to sell eggs), and they have a cow too (plan to drink her raw milk and make butter and cheese etc). They raise pigs for slaughter as well, yummy yummy! If you want your own home grown pig, let me know, and I’ll let them know.  The pig meat will be ready at the end of fall. They say the price is 3.75 per pound. You can order by the pound or you can order half or whole pigs. Each whole pig should be about 150 lb (hanging weight) The price includes everything (piglet, feed for the pigs, and the butchering/packaging and delivery) The assortment of meat: Bacon, sausage, ham roast, country ribs, pork chops, pork steaks etc. So, if you are interested, I can let them know so they are sure to get enough stock. We did it last year and it was awesome. We can’t this year as we will be moving right as it’s time to slaughter, so we will miss out.

Lent is almost over. I can’t believe it! Seems like Ash Wednesday was only yesterday. What are your Easter plans??


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