*Operation Get Healthy

I Really Am Thankful…

… for God seeing fit to bless me with the cross of diabetes. What a gift to be handed a “free” oppurtunity to offer something up every day for my personal intentions, and/or those intentions of The Sacred & Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Some people have to “search” for that daily sacrifice, but the only searching I have to do is in the microscopic points on the tip of my fingers to check my blood, or around the developing scar tissue in my legs to change my pump site.

I am not a perfect diabetic, but according to my endocrinologist, and even my OB, I am almost there. I owe it to my parents and to my pediatric endocrine, though. They all pushed me to do my best and were very good about encouraging me when I was feeling out of sorts about it growing up. And, I owe a special thanks to Lowell, too. He is so good about helping me stay on top of things with gentle reminders if I start falling off the wagon when life gets really busy for us. I have a great track record, and even greater one while I’m pregnant. Diabetes hasn’t really gotten in my way of doing anything, and hasn’t begun unleashing it’s wrath upon my body as it is known to do in diabetics over a period of time. It has just been more inconvenient to have to stop what I’m doing to check my blood or do a set change every 2-3 days. I am going on 14 years this summer and have seen no ill-effects. Praise the Lord! I am sure it has alot to do with how well I take care of things, but it mostly has to do with God’s grace. I also stay away from sugar-free poison, so that could play a part in it as well. That’s right. I am diabetic, but don’t really eat desserts or sweets that way. I eat a small portion of the real deal, or I won’t eat any at all. We don’t eat terribly, and I limit my carbs and eat alot of protein and vegetables.

Anyway! I have been having a rough time lately. I inject my pump’s infusion sets into my legs, but recently my legs are developing what I call “eggs” under the skin when I remove the set during a set change. The eggs last about 5 days and are quite uncomfortable, leaving a bruised feeling for about 2 weeks. My online research and discussion with my doctor tell me the only thing I can do is give my sites a break for about a month. But, how do you take a month long break when you can only give each leg about 2 weeks off while using the other? Now, I could shoot them into my stomach, but my skin is so “stretched out” from pregnancies, and with all the activity I do with the kids, it will for sure get yanked out (talk about ouch!). It is most secure and safe on my thigh(s). Another option is to use a hot rag and really massage the areas once or twice a day to break up the scarring tissue under my skin, but I haven’t found that as helpful as I’d like it to be. :-/ What I really need is a way to temporarily jump start my pancreas for about a month to really give my legs a full rest. Does anybody know where I can get some jumper cables for this kind of thing?? ;)

I don’t want to refuse my cross, especially with the over all blessing of protection thus far from the worse things diabetes can cause, but is it too much to ask for a break as it isn’t for selfish reasons? Or is wanting “healthy” legs selfish??? Well, at any rate, would you please say a little prayer for me that my legs will receive atleast a partial healing so that I can continue to use them as sites to inject my infusion sets? I appreciate it!


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