*In a Nut Shell

I looked out in my backyard this afternoon to see what my kids were up to and saw the following view…


I can’t really explain it, but seeing this perfectly sums up why I love to be a mom! :) Watching the three of them together, playing nicely, or in this case “observing the unknown,” is so precious and more than anything I could ask for. How I love my kids!!

As long as I’m uploading pics, here are a few facial shots of the squirts…

George & DaddyGeorge and Daddy going for a ride ♥ (16 1/2 mos)

Faith 4 yrsI made a strawberry-rhubarb pie and Faith wanted to make pie for Papa & Granny Schroeder with my leftover pie crust dough. (4 years old)

Felicity 2 1/2Felicity saw me with the camera that same afternoon and insisted on my capturing a shot of her cute little face ♥ (2 1/2 yrs)


One thought on “

  1. Oh, love it! The kids always beg for extra pie dough, so now whoever helps me make it gets to make a mini pie in a tiny pie dish. Such a treat. :)


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