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♥ We Remember ♥

♥ On Good Friday, Lowell and I celebrated 5 years of marital blessings and bliss. Well, it was more of a day of spiritual reflection and sacrifice as it was Good Friday, but we high-fived 5 years strong and said extra thanksgiving prayers for God’s gifts.

It is amazing to me how fast five years has gone by. In so many ways, it seems like it was only yesterday when we were friends working on my dad’s investment property. But, somehow we have more than fast-forwarded to here and now, we’ve like skipped chapters (like on DVDs) forward. A blink of an eye, and here we are, more in love than we were that beautiful day we got married, with our incredible kids God has blessed us with, in the military of all things, and living in New York of all places! It’s true I never saw myself married to the military, or living in the northeast, but I am and I’m going at it hand-in-hand with my best friend. We have an incredible relationship! We haven’t had a serious argument since we were engaged. We have disagreements now and then, but always work through them level headed and right away. We are most content at home with our kids, and though those random date nights are fun, we don’t long for them, for “our time.” I don’t think that is understandable to some. We are always being told we need a break and need our time because it will make us happy. But we are happy! We have “our time” at the end of the day when the kids go down and we hang out with a glass of wine, and beer for Lowell. We love our simple little life and just don’t have a desire to get away or have a break from being parents or to rekindle our love flame. Our kids are our life and being parents has shown us how to be even better spouses :) Maybe when our kids are older, or when there are more of them running around, we will feel the need for a date night more than we do now, but for the present, we are loving living in the moment and couldn’t desire anything more wonderful. Every day is a continuation of the celebration of our marriage! ♥

One thought on “♥ We Remember ♥

  1. thats so funny…that is so us, we dont need the date nights, we love being home and hanging out after the kids go to bed, that when we get to catch up and laugh and connect. Dont you just love the simple life?


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