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Notable Awesome-ness-es

Today is Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s day, mommies!!! I hope your day was wonderful. My day was filled with being surrounded by God’s blessings to me, my husband making AND serving me a cup of coffee (that’s huge for a guy who detests the very existence of coffe ;)), bbq’d chicken and ribs with wonderful friends, and a relaxing evening.

Felicity decided on Thursday that she is potty trained! Not, I am thinking about going potty on the pot, or let’s try to figure this toilet concept out. No, it was: wake up, put panties on, and ta-da! Potty trained!! I’ve said it once and I will say it again: I will suffer through every yucky diaper that comes my way in anticipation of the day that my children wake up and just go on the toilet, no questions asked and no accidents to be had. It’s so simple to do it when they are interested and decide to just do it. Yesssss!-One for the good guys! :)

And, one of my proudest, most notable awesome-ness-es is that on Christmas day, we are due to expect the birth of number 4!!! I am 7 weeks and feeling wonderful. I anticipate the evenings around after dinner between now and 12 weeks to be my “blah” time of day as I had a few preview evenings of that this last week. Please keep baby and me in your prayers, and I will keep you posted on any impressive updates along the way. Lowell and I feel so blessed and are very humbled by God’s infinite goodness and blessings to us. ♥


2 thoughts on “Notable Awesome-ness-es

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I was due last Christmas and let me tell you all the connections with Mary, the Annunciation, babies, sacrifice, and just the beauty of Christmas’ truth were my thoughts for the full 9 months. God gave me so many consolations in that pregnancy, and I pray that yours will be healthy and wonderful. I’ll keep you in mind especially in the evenings…when I’m making dinner. :)

    I love that your kids will potty train that way. I haven’t had one do it yet, but I do wait until they are three, and it goes very fast and well. Joseph has been “training” for a little over a week with only one real accident and he’s almost proved that I don’t need the safety net of nighttime pull-ups either. I have to admit that potty training always intimidates me. It’s potentially messier than teaching a child to read which I think most moms find *more* intimidating. Aren’t we a funny crew?


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