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Home Again

We travelled to California from May 12th-24th, but extended our trip a week after my grandpa passed away on the 23rd. We finally made it home late on June 2nd, safe and mostly sound. We’re still slightly jet lagging, but we’re pretty much in the full swing of life.

I don’t want to bore you with every little thing we did, so I will try to quickly recap the high lights!

First of all, a sad note to make is that I failed miserably in the camera department!! We saw my grandpa a couple of times before he passed- forgot the camera. We got to see and visit with Fr Chrysostom a few times- no camera. We got to see Lowell’s Uncle B and Uncle Paul, and their significant others and kids, and even his cousin, Joe (basically a mini-Schaper Reunion)- camera dead. And, we saw our 2/3 of the Perry family (Stephen is currently deployed)- camera? no excuses…

We drove to Virginia on the 11th, hopped on a plane on the 12th earrrrrrly in the morning and arrived in So Cal at 10:30a. My good friend, Erin, picked us up and drove us up to my parents’ house for what turned out to be one of the BEST surprises- EVER!!! Each reaction from family members was better than the one before. :) I wish I had a camera rolling; the whole thing was priceless.

We didn’t do much travelling around as my parents were having vehicle problems, but on the days that nobody had to work, we loaded up and visited Uncle B and whatnot. After our emergency leave extension for my grandpa’s passing, our friend, Megan, graciously loaned us her Sequoia so we could get around a bit easier that last week.

I did not see my girls pretty much the entire time we were there. They loved every minute of playing with their aunts and uncles, and cousins, too. My sister was in town with Kolbe for a portion of the time we were there, and John & Mary came up to visit with Jillian as often as they could. They got to ride horses, feed the cow, run all over the two acres, swing, play house, play in the pool, everything a little kid can do, they did. Towards the end of the trip, Lowell became scarce as well. Always out riding motorcycles and quads, catching up with old classmates, went to a few parties with my brother. I had off and on yuckiness due to the pregnancy, so I wasn’t as active as he was, but I was just as content hanging out at the house.

I went to coffee one evening with my beloved pal, Erin, and got to do some face-to-face catching up with her. I got to see my childhood friend, Ashley, and her hubby as well! One Sunday, alot of my old friends happened to be at the same Mass we went to, but it rained and all the family cleared out before I had a chance to visit or even just say “hi” to them all :/ We were also privileged to meet my brother, James’, girlfriend, Becca. She is such an incredible girl! I’d be excited to see them tie the knot some day. ♥

Soooo, that’s about the gist of our trip. Kids unheard of, no camera action, lots of visiting and relaxing to be had when things weren’t too stressful with my grandpa’s health, and lots of California eating as well! Oh, and did I mention George’s puke fest during our layover? Yep! He was running and playing nicely when I noticed a sudden change in his appearance. You moms would know that look: face gets a bit flush, eyes glaze over… I called he was going to toss his lunch and 15 minutes later, he was tossing! After multiple episodes, one involving Lowell and our backpack, I sent a mass text to my prayer warrior friends and they prayed me up a miracle and we were on our way again $60 poorer after re-wardrobing but puke freeeeeeeee… ;)

As it always is, it was a bitter-sweet return home. So nice to have our own routine back, but so lonely. We returned to lots of green and finally some warm weather, so that’s really boosted our spirits. Nothing else is really on the agenda for this summer. We’ll be hanging out close to home and enjoying all the beauty and blessings that surround us.


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