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From Fellow Travellers

So, as you might have read, we recently travelled to California. I just have to share some of the … thoughtful things people said to me in flight and during a layover … and some of my responses.

On our way to Cali, we were boarding our connecting flight and Faith and Felicity got into a squabble about who got to sit next to the window. Felicity lost and began to cry about it. It wasn’t a loud, uncontrollable, screaming fit, it was pretty quiet and was sure to pass within a few minutes. A man sitting up and across from me, waves for my attention and asked me if I wanted a bag of cookie for my crying child. I thanked him for his offer but told him she was not behaving and I don’t reward naughty behavior with treats. His eyes bugged out of his head, he laughed at me, and said oh what-ever you say, Moooom, you know better than I do. Heavy on his sarcasm ofcourse. Then proceeded to tell the people around him that I was crazy and didn’t want to take control of the crying situation, that, by that point, was almost under control, but I still wasn’t going to reward cookies after a fit.

And, during a layover on our way home, I was sitting with the kids while Lowell wandered around to look for the least expensive snack he could find. The kids played nicely and quietly as I sat and watched people rushing to and from their flights. One woman stopped, looked at me, curled her lip and said “Are all those your’s?” like I was herding dogs or something. I smiled and said, “Yes, these are my children.” As she scoffed and turned away, she said “Well God bless you…no, God bless you twice because you obviously need it!” Ooookay, God bless you too…. then there was the kindly old gentleman who walked by, no shuffled by, and asked “That your brood?” I replied with a smile, “Yes, these are my children” and he said “Boy, you sure have your hands full!” Still smiling, I said, “Yes, full of blessings.” and he stopped, laughed and said, “Blessings? Is that what they call them nowadays?” 

My poor kids. I’m happy their little ears don’t know any better! I mean what if they were older and knew enough to pay attention to the passers by? They would have been so upset to hear what people think/say, I was upset by it…and that was what they had to say about kids behaving themselves. Sheesh!


4 thoughts on “From Fellow Travellers

  1. Oh goodness, you got the grand slam of insensitive people! Recently at Harris Teeter I had a man tell me kindly that I needed to have more. For once, I truly had no response but a huge smile.


  2. Hubby complains that I share these stories, but I am so blown away that people actually SAY these things that I have to share.
    Anywho, it was all made better when the kind old man who delievered pizza to our house last night said to me, “Treasure your beautiful treasures! They’re marvelous and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” So, airport people just don’t have a clue :p


  3. Joanna,
    People are intrusive and rude!! Wouldn’t it be a miracle if people actually stopped to help rather than criticize.
    I know it hurts but it is best to ignore them. If they continue with their rude behavior, I am not above giving it right back.
    Ask me about the man at the homeschool conference. Boy, did I put him in his place and I shut him up too!


  4. Honestly, I am more blown away by people’s boldness, to actually say these things TO a mother’s face??? It’s not just the “airport people” it is people EVERYWHERE. What happened to keeping your comments to yourself, or the good ol’ saying, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”?
    If anything I am encouraged by these remarks, even if they rub me the wrong way, because it means we’re doing something right and in doing so, we are obviously pricking some part of their conscience. Perhaps our presence will be cause of conversion some time later, down the road ;)


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