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This Thing We Call Life

We’ve moved in a quick, forward motion since we got back from California. I got to work right away with getting established with the doctor for this pregnancy, which has turned into doctors and a long, painful journey of phone calls and visits to OB offices all over the capitol region. After a few weeks, I was finally established with an office and have already been to see them three times. Baby is doing well. Strong heart, and an active little peanut. I can’t feel it yet, I probably will in the next few weeks, but the ultrasounds show a lively character in there. I turn 14 weeks today. The online pregnancy update thing tells me that the baby is about 3-4 inches long, only weighs about an ounce or two, has a working pancreas and urinary tract system, and has all it’s little tooth buds in place.

The other kids have been enjoying summer immensely. It rains a few times a week, but the sun still makes an appearance and allows us to get outside. The girls have way too much fun coloring with chalk or racing around the driveways on their bikes while George tries to take on a new trike or the Playskool car to keep up with them. I fill the pool up on the really warm, humid days and they enjoy splashing around that… really, they just enjoy filling buckets and watering the porch! George is our biggest water baby for sure. He actually will get in the pool and play around like most kids typically do.

Faith and Felicity have really bonded alot-alot this summer. They spend hours tucked away in their closet playing a variety of make believe games when they aren’t playing outside. Over all, they’re pretty good about working through their disagreements on their own, taking turns, etc.  George taps into their fun from time to time, going right along with whatever they’re doing even though he hasn’t a clue. (That’s my favorite thing to watch: his excitement over things that he doesn’t even know why he’s excited about it!) His vocabulary has really broadened in this last month or so. I know boys typically take longer to talk than girls do, but I think it must help that he has two older, chatter box, sisters. He can say Please, Thank you, What’s that?, Motorcycle, Go, Baby, Hi, Buh bye, Momma, Dadda, Tee-Tee (Felicity), Eat, Cracker, Cookie, and ‘Side (outside/inside). He nods for yes and says Nu-huh for no. He calls his blanket a “nigh-nigh” and makes sound effects for animals. Neighs for Horse, quacks and clucks for Duck and Chicken, moos for Cow, and barks for Dog. He can almost bless himself completely, folds his hands to pray, and always says “Aaaaameeeeen!” when we’re finished.

Lowell’s been busy in the woodshop, the place formerly known as our garage. He just built a pantry/cabinet type thing for a guy at work. It’s about 6′ tall and 3′ wide. It has an opening on top for their microwave and doors that hide 3-4 shelves for canned goods or whatever. Another one of his friends has an antique bedframe and chairs here that they’ve been working on refurbishing and whatnot. He has another bunkbed in the works for some friends from church, and a growing list of other odd jobs and requests. I’m so glad he has a hobby that he loves! It’s fun to watch him create things and makes me so proud to see how much he has learned and improved since he took up this hobby last summer.

We don’t know what is happening to us as far as moving and where we are moving to. Right now, they are trying to work it out that we will move in February instead of November because the baby is due around Christmas. I actually hope it works out that way because I think it’ll be much less stressful to move with a newborn than it would be to move 8 months pregnant. Ready. Set. Wait!

Upcoming for July?? Well, Felicity has a birthday coming up. I’ll talk about that when it gets here. ;) For the Fourth, we will probably go to “Duck Park” with a picnic dinner and watch the fireworks show after dark. There are way too many doctor appointments for me, a birthday party for one of the neighbor kids, taking the kids to a Ballet Show in the park one afternoon-as long as it doesn’t rain!, and a small chance we may take a trip up to Maine one weekend. I’ll keep you posted on any fun details that unfold from those!

How’s your summer been? 


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