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She said… He did… She got…

So, at lunch one day, Faith was playing games with her food, plate, and cup. Eventually, her plate became a boat, the food her passengers, and her cup was … well the ocean I guess. So, she is playing along and then excitedly reports, while shaking her cup, “Mom! Look! There’s fishies in the water!!!” I applaud her imagination, who else might think their back wash was fishies?

If I ever wondered about the depths of George’s boyish-ness, I will never wonder again!! One morning a few weeks ago, I pointed out a yucky bug to him and he followed it around, poking it with his finger, picking it up, and eventually tried to eat it!!!!! He is ALL BOY! hahaha

Felicity announced on her birthday that she didn’t want a birthday. She eventually warmed up when we were making yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting and mini-m&m’s ;) In the days leading up to her birthday, we kept asking her what kind of presents she wanted and she always responded with talk of Christmas presents. We explained it wasn’t Christmas, it was her birthday, so what did she want? Nothing. She did not want one thing for her birthday. I was kind of happy to hear my almost three year old was so content with her collection of toys and books and whatnot, but it made shopping a real challenge. We ended up getting her a horse and cowgirl, some clothes for her dollie, and some walkie-talkie cell phones. We scored with the horse and cowgirl though! She and Faith seem intrigued by the walkie-talkies, but can’t make them work to their advantage! :-p Over all, Felicity’s birthday was a happy one: full of phone calls from all the family in VA, PA, and CA,  gifts that Lowell’s parents and my parents mailed her, and a trip to the ball field to watch Daddy play softball. We are so proud of the young lady she is becoming!

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