*In a Nut Shell

What a sweetie!! I think?

It’s 11:30 in the morning, and my door bell rings.

Who could that possibly be????

I open the door, and then the screen and say hello to the man standing there. He smiles and says, “You’re all set, here ya go” hands me a plastic bag, turns and walks away. I rather absent-mindedly thanked him and closed my door, baffled at what this could be.

I open a blank, plastic, grocery-type bag and find styrofoam boxes. One contained mozzarella sticks, one chicken fingers, and one large one with french fries. Also in the bag was a hot sandwich. There were no receipts, no restaurant logos on the napkins and whatnot.

I thought, wow! Maybe Lowell got up extra early this morning and pre-ordered us some lunch. But why would he? I guess he was just thinking about us. What a sweetheart! It still kind of hung with me, though, and I had to know. So I went to our bank account and checked all the recent charges, there was no charge at any restaurants. Hmm? So, then I checked the history on the computer. Maybe he got the number from one of the restaurant websites and called in an order from work? Not that he typically has time for that kind of thing, but maybe! History showed nothing but Facebook, email, and weather. In the meantime, my kids have attacked the bag of lunch and were eating the fries and chicken.

Well, what a sweetheart! I don’t know how he did it, but he sure is sweet thinking of us…. but it just doesn’t make sense! haha! I couldn’t let is rest. As I was looking in the bag again, I grabbed the sandwich and opened it up to find it was a chicken sandwich. This is not something Lowell would order for me. Infact, he wouldn’t order mozzarella sticks either. You know, I’ve been feeling and doing pretty good, so there is really no motivation that I could think for him to possibly order us lunch so randomly!

Oh no! Are we eating a neighbor’s lunch?!?!?!?!? And, how am I to figure it out at this point? Walk around with half eaten chicken and fries to the neighbors’ houses asking if they’re waiting for lunch from somewhere?? And, I couldn’t call the restaurant because there was no indication of which one might have delivered…

No. The delivery guy wouldn’t have made the mistake. Lowell was in a hurry, ordered whatever he could think of, and somehow paid for it. I’ll thank him when he gets home…

He walked in the door around 5:30. I was making dinner. We said our hello’s and chitty chatted. He opened the fridge and seeing the box of chicken, asks, “What’s this?” I smiled and said, “Did you do something nice for me today?” He had this look of Is this a trick question/what the heck is she talking about?! So, I asked if he ordered us lunch? His eyes got huge and he said, “Nope!”

I laughed and told him what happened. My process of elimination, my unsettled conclusions… I still laugh now! I wonder which of our neighbors ordered lunch? I wonder how long they waited before they finally called to find out where their food is? What did the delivery guy say?  At any rate, I’m sorry for the confusion, but the kids and I sure enjoyed a tasty, FREE lunch!


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