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I ♥ Maine

Last weekend, we loaded up and drove the back roads through upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, brushed Massachusetts, and into Kittery, Maine. It took us about 5 1/2 hours to make the drive, and all the back roads made me crazy with the slow speed limits and ridiculous drivers we shared the road with, but it was very, very beautiful.

We stayed over night in a navy lodging suite at the Navy Shipyard in Portsmouth, NH which is just over the bridge from Kittery, ME. It was such a wonderful little place! Lowell and I got the bed, the girls slept on a couch bed, and George in the pack n’ play. It had a fully functional kitchenette that we could have used to our advantage if we’d planned a longer trip than just the over nighter.

After we got set up in our room, we headed out and ate some lobster for dinner. Actually, Lowell had lobster, I had salmon, and the kids had grilled cheese and spaghetti. Once we were fat and happy, we drove around the little towns a bit, and then drove around the base we were staying on. Such an old but awesome place!

We got up the next morning and drove to York, ME to go to the beach. We also stopped off to see the Nubble Light House. I LOVED that place and took lots of pictures of it! haha! After the beach, the lighthouse, and some breakfast, we went to the Wild Animal Kingdom, basically a small zoo, and walked around looking at the different animals…and rode an elephant!

After adventuring around, we loaded up and took the highway through New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York-home, that only took 4 hours. It was such a peaceful time and was so great to just get away for a little bit and to finally visit Maine. I wish we’d planned better and stayed longer, and I wish we would have thought to venture up there sooner in all our years up here. It is a pleasant memory I’ll cherish forever, though, and hope to take a trip to that coast again some day. :)

Nubble Light House

riding an elephant in Maine

Family Vacation to Maine 2011


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