*In a Nut Shell

My Entitlement

Yesterday, I was having a not-so-great day. I wasn’t irritable, or grumpy, but was in that quiet mode before the eruption. I was determined to keep a cap on it because there really wasn’t something to erupt about. I would get some rest and recover from whatever it was soon.

Moving forward. Yesterday I went south to see the diabetic doctor in the mid-morning before Lowell had to go to work at one o’clock. On my way home, he asked me to stop at the commissary to get some sandwiches and chips for lunch. I stopped in and the place was packed. Packed with grumpy people that I figured must have been grumpy due to the heat wave we’ve been experiencing. The woman who works in the deli, who is typically very warm and kind, was not in an accommodating mood. She was short or out of all her deli stuff, her scale was working incorrectly, and her ticket printer was only printing half-barcodes. So in addition to her deli crisis, there were people demanding orders and why couldn’t they have this and that. The whole thing was very overwhelming to me. All this negativity was not helping me keep a cap on things. I ordered an italian mix sandwich and a pastrami sandwich for Lowell, but all I got out of it was the italian mix and a bag of pastrami. (Pastrami sandwiches aren’t on the official menu, but she’ll typically make one if we ask.) When I asked again for the pastrami to be put on a sandwich she asked me, rather annoyed, if I would please keep it to the menu. My cap popped and I went to check out and get out of that place of misery.

When I got home, I was flustered and annoyed. I explained the ordeal at the commissary. I gave my sandwich and the bag of pastrami to Lowell and told him to enjoy because I’d lost my appetite. We started to joke around a bit about my being grumpy and letting a trip to the commissary ruin my day. Lowell wanted to know if I was going to be a grumpy baby all day, and I told him I was, because I was entitled to it! :) We laughed about that and joked back and forth about my entitlements and how I was setting up to be a politician. It set my mood at ease to laugh about something trivial as this. I sent him on his way to work with a kiss and more laughs, got the girls and George settled, and then put myself on the couch to doze, if not sleep, until the kids got unsettled.

About an hour or so later, there was knocking at my front door. I opened it to have my face smashed with flowers! The young kid making this delivery apologized for standing so close, confirmed I was Joanna, and said, “This is for you.” He handed me this massive bouquet of beeeeeeautiful flowers in a glass vase that had chocolate candies tied on the bow at the neck of it, AND he handed me an ice coffee. His hands were super full and made it awkward, so that’s why I smashed into them upon opening the door. I’ll admit it: I smiled uncontrollably and even giggled, thanked him very much, and brought my gifts to the counter to inspect them further.

Lowell called about 5 minutes after the kid came by. I thanked him so much for his thoughtfulness and told him how much I loved everything, including him. He was so sweet to think of me on his way to work and stop to order me up a first class pick-me-up! He asked if I read the card, but I told him the only card I saw was one with my address on it. He told me to check it as the note was probably typed. I found the card, opened it up, and read,

“Here’s Your Entitlement!!”

I laughed hysterically, I apologized again for being grumpy, and told him I loved him. I’ve pretty much been all smiles since then, and still giggle about the whole thing. This was a very heartfelt surprise and a day that will never be forgotten … My Entitlement Day ♥ HaHaHa!


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