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It has finally happened.

We received our orders!

Orders = the handful of papers that details, for the most part, what the military plans to do with you for the next few years of your life. In our case, the rest of our term in the military.

We are heading to the USS Harry Truman in Virginia. Lowell has to report in February after he goes to San Diego for 4 months for some special training. So, September begins the next phase in our life!

We are packing up our house for a DitY move (Do it Yourself), and will clean this place from top to bottom with a “Depart from New York” date around Sept 15/16. The cleaning part won’t be too bad, it’s just these standard white walls are pretty kid-stained and Magic Eraser has lost it’s charm on them (the walls) after living here for 3 years. So, unless the Housing office is generous, we may have to paint a few walls … which really won’t be a big deal if that ends up happening.

We’ll drive our house (our stuff) to Virginia, and with the help of Lowell’s fam, we’ll place it in storage, along with Lowell’s pickup. Then we’ll head west with a trailer of necessities and a motorcycle. My parents are graciously taking us in and Lowell will commute to school on his motorcycle. As soon as we get there, I have some insurance information switching to do in order to get myself established with about fifty million doctors to continue my prenatal care and whatnot. I’m so thankful that my family is taking us in and is willing to help us with the kids when I’m taking up partial residence at an OB’s office and Lowell’s in class!

After Lowell completes his training, we will return east as a family of 6 and begin “the fleet chapter” of our life. At some point in all of this, we’re making plans to buy a home in Virginia as well. Hopefully it will all be in place, or mostly in place, by the time we get back so we can get settled right away. The kids are excited that it’s almost “our turn to move” (after seeing trucks come and go with neighbors moving all the time) and they enjoy the thought of staying with Granny for a little while before we move to our new house. What makes the new house even more exciting is that, believe it or not, we get to put all of our same stuff in it! ;)

Sooo, our Navy Jell-O is solidifying and before we know it, it’ll be over and all concrete looking! These huge changes are many and quickly approaching; the next 6 months are going to be something else with new faces and places and new routines that come with new babies as well as living ship-schedules vs. rotating shift schedules. I’m mostly excited and only a little nervous about it all and will do my best to keep you posted throughout everything. Please keep us in your prayers!


2 thoughts on “Orders

  1. Praying! J-if you’ve lived there 3 years, they should paint for you. Or I should say, the army does. The navy may have it’s own special rules. Are you heading to S. Va? We have a great family there we love AND it’s not far from us! Hope all goes well!


  2. We’ll be in Norfolk area, give or take, depending on where we find “home”. I hope we’ll be closer, I’d love to visit you. And, good to know about the painting! Hopefully the navy set up IS as good as the army ;)


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