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Catch up!

I recently posted the following as my status on facebook: “My protruding, 3 feet of stomach gets into a room 2 minutes before I do, crashes into things (and people) upon turning, prohibits my ability to comfortably stand at the sink to get water (yes, I tippy toe), and continues to grow 2 inches every few hours making me look like there is 2-3 children inside. You wouldn’t believe this baby is only around 6 1/2 lbs at this point and Ive only gained 20 so far as I look like I am a whale-cow descendant of pinochio lineage!

I laugh everytime I re-read it, just as I laughed while I typed it out, but it is SO true! We have about 3-4 more weeks longer before we are to meet our fourth little blessings, but I have decided that I am going to deliver on December 20th. I have turned this into a mind over matter situation where I am just going to will this to happen. I know that ultimately God is in total control, but I am pretty determined that He and I are on the same page about this one as I’m sure He doesn’t want to hear from me for a while. Oooorrrrrrr, maybe He does(!) and I will be pregnant until February, yikes! I practically live at the various doctor’s offices I have to go to 2-3 times a week and deal with such incapable people. Every doctor tells me to talk to the next one whenever I have any questions. I am, however, extremely grateful to my family for watching the kids for me while I spend way too much time at these pointless appointments. I think I am more excited about being done with these people than I am about meeting the baby … well, almost more excited.

We celebrated George’s second birthday earlier this month. He got some balls and a pair of rubber “boofs” (translation: boots) from us, and a few pairs of feet pajammas from Papa & Granny. George has really grown up the most, I feel, since we’ve been in California. He communicates very well and gets along well with everybody as he is still his super easy going self. I will post a few pictures from his birthday when my camera battery is charged. :)

School with the little people has really slowed to almost a stop. I am almost positive that it has to do with being huge and tired, but it is also alot of work to deal with 5 (or 6 if my nephew, Kolbe (4), is here) kids at different levels of capabilities and knowledge. I am able to keep them all out of the way, though, so atleast my mom is able to get her schooling accomplished.

We had a super fabulous Thanksgiving! All of the siblings and their spouses & kids were here, except James, who is in Kansas for school. He will be home mid-December, though, so we will all be together for Christmas. Anyway, we had an incredible time laughing and chatting before, during and after our amazing dinner. We had turkey and homemade stuffing (in and out of the bird), homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, broccoli salad, cranberry jell-o/sauce, and cranberry-white chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies, pecan pie, and my mom’s famous pumpkin cake for dessert. Yum! Actually, that was the dessert here at the house. We loaded up our little family and drove to Uncle B’s house for dessert with them after we wrapped up dinner and some clean up. We had pecan pie and cheese cake and cinnamon swirl bread with them – also very delicious!!

Now, we are in a new liturgical year with a new liturgical translation and Advent is upon us. We have big baking plans in the future and I’m sure we will start the decorating part on or shortly after St Nicholas’ feast day on the 6th. Lowell goes on leave after the 16th and we are planning to take the kids to Disneyland on the 19th (that should help with my mind over matter into delivery! ;) ) I just have 2 little things to work on for Christmas gifts and all my wrapping to get accomplished before Disneyland happens, but other than that, we are ready in the gifts department so I am looking forward to some spiritual renewal and preparation during this time of Advent :) thanks to some amazing novenas sent to us from the Norbertine’s and another priest friend of ours.

Hopefully my next post will be about baby unless something amazing and postable comes up before then!


2 thoughts on “Catch up!

  1. Hi Joanna,
    Thanks for the update. Guess what? I am expecting soon as well.. January 22 to be exact. But since I always go early, we may have our babies within days of each other. I would really like for him/her to wait until after Christmas which would put me right at 36 weeks. I delivered the last two at 36 weeks.
    Anyway, good to read your update. Hope you can spend Christmas day with Lowell.


  2. Joanna,
    Didn’t see a baby update. We delivered Robert Maximilian “Max” on December 31. He weighed 5 lbs. 14 oz. and was 18 1/2 inches long. He is beautiful!!! Send me your email address.


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