*In a Nut Shell


Phillip Christopher was born December 22, 2011. He weighed 10 lbs, 10 oz and was 21-1/2 inches long. Yes, I delivered this big boy and my OB was super impressed! ;) He is named after St. Philip in the bible, but we chose the double L spelling as it’s similar to the double L’s at the end of Lowell’s name, and Christopher after St. Christopher and after Lowell’s dad.

Lowell was so excited to have another son, and the kids were thrilled to have a baby brother. Well, Faith had a bit of a melt down when Lowell called my family to announce Phillip’s arrival and my dad caught it on video. As everybody hooray’d and cheered, Faith sat in the middle of the couch and bawled! When the fam realized she was so upset and asked her why, she said she wanted a sister! haha! But, by the time Lowell got to the house and brought them back to see us, she was in love. ♥  We were discharged the following late afternoon so were home and settled well before Christmas. 

Because we are in California and have so many connections, we were able to baptize right away – praise God! We baptized on the 27th and my good friends, Justin & Erin Hill, are his godparents. Fr. Chrysostom did the dipping for us at the parish I grew up in, San Secondo d’ Asti. It was done in the traditional rite in Latin and it was SO beautiful. I don’t think we’ll have a baptism done any other way, if we can help it that is! Then we had a little get together at my family’s house afterward. It was a very glorious day!

Life has swiftly moved forward and we are looking at Phillip’s 4-week birthday this week. Over all, he is a very good baby and I continue to feel overwhelmed by God’s blessing to us.

We are getting things in motion to move back to Virginia in a few weeks. We still haven’t decided whether we want to buy after all as Lowell starts heading out shortly after we get out there because house hunting and moving out of storage will be alot of extra stress. We will probably rent, for a little while any way, and buy when we can take time looking. I am so grateful to my parents for taking us in and all of their help with our kids as we’ve needed it along the way and just for everything really! We are truly blessed with awesome family!!


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