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He does, She and She said, He said what?!

Phillip is 4 months big and is a ball of rolling and laughing chunkiness! Can’t get enough of my little guy. He is almost 16 pounds, wears alot of 9 months clothing, and is finally a happy boy. And, I believe I cured his hatred of being in the car with a front facing carseat. We’ve only ventured out twice since I made the switch but he hasn’t made a peep, which is saying alot, let me tell ya!

Felicity is extremely competitive. She never goes down without a fight and wants to be the best. I have always said she is our feisty child and that is ringing truer and truer each day. Recently, she was playing out in the yard with Lowell, Faith, and George. I can’t recall what the activity was, but she won and ran around chanting “you are a loser. You are a loser.” She wasn’t doing it in a mean way, simply just discussing people who hadn’t won. Lowell told her not to call people losers but to say “they didn’t win” or “they lost.” The other night, [Lowell’s sister] Grace won a race and it made Felicity mad. She said, “You aren’t a winner, you are a lost-er!” She also exclaimed that Lowell’s kuh-tar looked like a peenano. She was pretty set on that idea for a little while.

Faith went in to establish a doctor-patient relationship with her new PCM yesterday. On our way in, she saw a little boy walking out with a sticker on his arm. She asked if she could have a sticker, so I told her if she was very good, she could probably get a sticker from the nurse. She was determined to be very good and do all she was asked. Stood still for the weight check, stood nice and straight for the height check, sat still and quietly when the doctor came in and introduced himself. He spoke with me for a bit then turned to Faith and shook her hand. He told her he liked her pretty purple shirt and loved her beautiful eyes, in which she said, “They ARE beautiful and dark brown too!” When he was finished, he asked Faith if she had any questions. She nodded in confirmation. He said, “Okay, Faith, what would you like to ask me?” She shyly replied, “Since I am being good, do I get to have sticker??” He got a great kick out of that and told her that he was very impressed at how well she was behaving and that he would have the nurse find her two stickers.

According to Faith, it is real simple to have a baby. She explained to the couple that lives next door, that don’t have any kids, that all you need to do is eat ALOT of food and get fat, then after that, a baby will come out! She told me a little later that after eating lots of food, getting fat, and having a baby took a loooong time. She asked me how doctors helped mommies get their babies out and I told her that they helped grab the baby so it wouldn’t fall out of our tummies. She seemed happy enough with that answer and said she was going to let Lindsay (our neighbor) know that doctors will catch her baby after she has a fat tummy.

Faith and Felicity were playing in their room last week when Faith stopped what they were doing and said, “Felicity, do you hear that?” *there were sirens in the distance* Felicity said, “Yeah! I do!” Faith: “It is a fire truck. We need to say a prayer for the people that got hurt, like Mommy said. Hail Mary full of grace….” Felicity: “Oooh, poor burning people!!”

George is two and full of life. He makes me laugh atleast a dozen times a day. After our stay with my family in California, his speech and vocabulary really took off. He speaks almost completely clear sentences and is good about learning new, complicated words. He does suffer with some blends though… he can’t quite say “truck” which is a shame because he LOVES trucks, cars, race cars, motorcycles, etc. So, what does he say in place of truck a hundred times while we are driving somewhere… “fukc” (is it less awful if I spell it incorrectly? lol). It cracks me up every single time! I work with him everyday on that “tr” blend, and just when I think he gets it, a little toy truck wills itself into existence next to us and there he goes, “tr” blends out the window, and the adventures with his *ahem* “fukc” are in full swing! Something else you should know about George: the poor kid can’t say “chocolate”. He calls it: “fockit”!

3 thoughts on “He does, She and She said, He said what?!

  1. Your babies are too cute!! My niece (also 2) has a problem similar to George’s – She gets so excited when she sees a ball that she screams and it sounds like she is saying “oooohhhh $hi# balls” – We think its part of her scream that ends with “ball” on it. It cracks us up!!! Most of everything she says either begins or ends with a scream of excitment.


  2. Joanna
    Shoot me an email at anita.walker11@yahoo.com. tell me what cured your little guy’s screaming. I’m interested to know.
    Anyway, Max is growing like a weed too and is about the size of Phillip. And he started out about half the size as your big guy.


  3. Anita, I put him on herbal supplements when he was newborn and it really took the edge off, but it wasn’t until I started taking him to the chiropractor that I started noticing a dramatic change in his attitude. He suffered terribly from over-stimulation. I also got him some Colic-Calm and that helped on the days I knew he was gassy. So, with all that he was better, but still HATED the car. SO I put him front facing and his attitude improved, but sadly, he still detests being in there for anything longer than the few minutes it takes to get things accomplished around town. :( It makes me miserable he hates the car so, but I think he just has bad memories of being brand new and being stuck while we drove cross country. Again, I think it boils down to the stimulation and constant hum of the car.
    I am so excited to hear Max is doing so well!!! I will have to shoot you a more intimate email real soon :)


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