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Father’s Day

This year, Lowell wasn’t home for Father’s Day. He was gone and due to remain gone until the following week. However, it didn’t stop the kids (with some help!) from making Father’s Day gifts for him and their Papa’s too.

For Lowell, I got this idea (http://alphamom.com/family-fun/crafts/sandpaper-printed-t-shirt/) from pinterest. It was such a success! The kids had so much fun working on it…

Faith’s self made portrait
Felicity’s selfmade portrait
George’s art work

I also took some paint and had them print the shirt…

I traced Phillip’s hand by crayon onto the sandpaper

I also asked them what they wanted to say to Daddy and I would write it down for them. Faith said, “Happy Fadder’s Day, Daddy! I wove you!” Felicity said, “I wove Daddy and his motorcycle! I wove you too!” And, George said, “Me wove Daddy’s guycle!” Behold the end result:


For the Papa’s, we made various gifts using hand prints and popcicle sticks :) Unfortunately, I didn’t think enough ahead to photo those end results before sending them off.

I was so glad we worked on these before Father’s Day, because Lowell was actually able to escape and came home for about an hour to see us!! It was a rather dull, and kind of sad day before he got home, so we were SO excited to see him after many moons and were so thankful for just that bit of time. The kids presented him with his shirt and were proud to show off all they did for him. It turned out to be a Happy Father’s Day after all!


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