*In a Nut Shell

Puddles & Nature Walks

We had another HUGE thunder storm the other day. The kind where it goes from a bright, blazing hot day to dark as night and 20 degrees drop in temps quickly followed by massive thunder and buckets of rain! Anyway, after it passed, we went for a walk around the block. The walk quickly became a puddling adventure that transformed into a nature expedition. George made a dash for every puddle he can see and splashed to his heart’s content! There was lots of “nature” all over the place from the wind and rain. At one point, Felicity was attempting to talk to me, and when I looked over to her to figure out what in the world she was talking about, this is how I found her:


Faith and George wanted to follow her example and put some sticks in their mouths as well ;)

By the time we got home, this is how Phillip had decided to entertain himself! Such a ham ♥

When we got home, the kids played camping. Felicity started the idea with building a fire, Faith volunteered to make a salad, and George broke up some wood for them to use!



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