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Brief Updates

Howdy doody! It has only been since August and my last post. It is only appropriate that instead of a million posts of everything that’s gone on, I will do a cluster of brief updates. :)

In mid-August, we roadtripped to NC to see family friends and take advantage of a visit with our favorite Norbertine. We had a blast and yes, even now, we still talk about that trip! August-end brought a visit from our wonderful friend, Tom, and his new bride, Nicole. It was so refreshing to see them and to spend quality time! We also had our house blessed by two priests and had Lowell’s family and some good friends here with us to make the day extra amazing. We truly are so blessed!


October brought my birthday and Lowell being gone for just under a month. Ray and the kids made the day extra nice. I even got a birthday cake for the first time in years! My favorite gift came from Felicity. As I opened it, I was taking guesses at what it might be. A pair of shoes? A new bike? A brush? And as I pulled the last bit of paper off, Felicity exclaimed, “Nope! It’s a new rug for your kitchen since your floor is so dirty!” hahahaha


November brought George’s birthday. Hard to believe he is three now! They grow up so fast. We had chili dogs for dinner and chocolate cake with blue frosting and red sprinkles. He got some nifty spider man toys and some football cards.

George 3!

November also brought 10 days of leave for Lowell – yippee! and a roadtrip to visit the Schaper-fam in PA. We spent a few days there, celebrated George’s birthday again, and then drove to NY to visit old friends and pick up half a pig that was raised for us. We were there in back in just over 24 hours, a whirlwind trip doesn’t even cut it! When we got back to PA, we celebrated an early Thanksgiving with delicious food. George took another trip to urgent care while there for a nurse maid’s elbow, but after that was all straightened out, pun totally intended!, we were on our way home. We celebrated our own Thanksgiving with some good friends. I made the turkey, which was to. die. for. if I do say so myself! even the white meat was moist. :) And I made a a pumpkin cake, don’t worry it tastes and looks way better than it sounds. Our friends brought all the other trimmings: sweet & mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and apple pie. It was so nice to spend a holiday with family, and later friends, after so many years of celebrating alone. I also found an awesome swingset on criagslist, so we picked that up and Lowell extended the beam the swings were on so that more kids can fit! The kids now refer to it as “The Play Ground”

Play Ground  Play Ground


December brought Christmas decorations alot earlier than it usually does. We like to get the tree and begin Christmas on St Nicholas’ feast day, but Lowell was going to be gone on what ended up feeling like thee longest, and worst, underway in naval history! So, we set to work on deckin’ the halls on Dec 1st. We got all the Christmas shopping done early, so I have been able to relax and bake and enjoy this Advent season. Although, with all this time, I have not maxed out getting all the wrapping done. I did get a bunch of baking and wrapping done for all the family out of state and got care packages sent off to all of them. I saved the last bit of baking for while Lowell is home so he can enjoy some quality home cooking/baking. We are doing an Advent calendar this year and the kids are totally loving it! I have also taken to hiding baby Jesus around the house and the kids go about looking for him everyday. I thought the elf on a shelf thing sounded cute, but at the same time, we aren’t really trying to set the focus on a secular Christmas, so I decided since we don’t put the Babe out until Christmas any way, why not take the same concept of elf on a shelf and make it Christ-like?

December will soon bring Phillip’s first birthday and then Christmas day, so there will be another post or two soon! For now, we have Lowell home and that truly is the greatest gift. Maybe it’s something only a wife can see, but I hate to see him come home after weeks on end looking so thin, worn out, and unhappy. Atleast, for now, he is still returning so I can see he is rested and fatten him up before he heads out again. If you happen to have a moment, please ask St Rita to help our military lifestyle and say a little Hail Mary for Lowell, we would appreciate it!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!! God’s blessings to you now and in to the new year! ♥


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