*In a Nut Shell

Mr Know-It-All

…. I mean Phillip. This post is dedicated to my beast, *ahem* baby. ;)

He is Phillip. He is stubborn. He is single-minded and very driven. He has a temper. He has ALL of his teeth. He walks. He talks. And, he has been my most difficult baby. thus far. But, he is also one of my four prides & joys. Giving birth to all 10 pounds, 10 ounces of him in three sets of three pushes, with no tears, is one of my proudest accomplishments. He has brought me the only tears I have known in motherhood of almost 6 years, but good ones with the hard ones. I love the way he adores his big brother and how eager he is to keep up with all the older kids. I love the way he lets his sisters dote on him. I love the way he waves as someone comes and goes. I love how he pretends to be shy when the ladies at Church smile and whisper to him before Mass starts. I love the way he side stepped the first few days he ventured the whole walking scene. I love when he smiles with all those little pearly whites and laugh as I think of Darla from Finding Nemo … “I’m a pir.an.a!” And, I love the way he sings, so proudly, “Alleluia!” when the broom closet is opened, or when he finds a book on the floor.*

6 mos

Ah, but Phillip is also Mr Know-It-All now. Stands up in the highchair or climbs the back of the couch or climbs the chair to reach the Christmas cards and says “Sit Down!” Or, he starts to get into the wiper box, or do anything naughty, and says “No! No! No! No!” Then, he thinks he is so smart, sneaking toward the open dishwasher, and when I say, “Who left that open?” he RUNS to get his hands on something before we close it. Yes, he has gone from crawling to professional speed walker/runner in a matter of 10 days. And, when he is sleepy, he says “Ni’-Ni’, Ni’-Ni'” He has grown up so fast during the week surrounding his first birthday!

first birthday

We kicked off his birthday with gifts and spent the day just hanging out and being merry. We had our friends over for dinner and cupcakes. I made a chicken, penne, and spinach bake that we call “The Macaroni Grill” and made just enough cupcakes for us all to enjoy. Little man was definitely all carbed out when it was all said and done, but I’d say he definitely had a good day!

Phillip 1

*The kids play Mass every day. George bears the crucifix (the broom), Faith holds a book in the air, and Felicity “holds the smoker-shaker” *incense* (hand-broom). So, when Phillip sees anything that is used for “Alleluia!” he bursts into song! ;)


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