*In a Nut Shell

Back In Action!

…I think! :)

After a LONG break, and huge life changes, I am ready to attempt blogging again. My goal is to try and keep it short and simple until I really get in the habit again. I am also going to make a blog post about something my first priority when I finally find a minute to be on the computer uninterrupted. 

As you can see from our header pic, we’ve added a new face to our line up! We welcomed beautiful Karolina Mercy in late October. We named her after Bl. John Paul II and Our Lady (and Lord) of Divine Mercy.

Last year, God heard my prayers, and didn’t deploy Lowell in early February. And, to really show how much He was thinking about me, He got us an early discharge from the Navy a few weeks later!!!!!! Being that it was so sudden, we listed our house for rent and headed west to stay with my family while trying to get established with a new life. Basically, our whole life changed in a matter of 2 1/2 weeks! We are currently residing in So Cal and, with God’s help and good graces, still slowly paving out our new way of life without the Navy and being a “big” family.

More on all of that over the next few posts, so check back and hopefully I will keep good on my word of staying up to date!


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