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How many times can I say “So much fun!”?

We spent this last weekend up north with all of the extended Schaper fam. It was so much fun!

We stayed with Lowell’s cousin, Lucy, and her fam, on a great spread of property that overlooks just about everything while backing up into rolling green hills. It rained a bit while we were there, so there was lots of mud, but it was still great. A little dirt never scared us anyway. We got in around bed time on Thursday evening and Lowell went out with Greg to check out the property while I enjoyed chatting and wining with Lucy. Before we knew it, it was 2:30! Friday, we got up and had coffee hour and more visiting. (I should add, Lucy fed us one amazing meal after the next while we were there!) We met up with [Great] Grandma Ruth and Aunt Renee for noon Mass and went for some ultra delicious pizza and cannoli for lunch with Grandma’s friends, Joe and Laurel. I went back to Lucy’s to nap the baby and Lowell took the bigger kids to hang out with Grandma. That night, Lucy’s parents, had a little shin dig at their place so we got to see most of the family then. Lots of laughing and story sharing. I thoroughly enjoy my visits with the Schaper women! :) Seriously, so. much. fun!

Saturday was more relaxed the first half the day. Recovering from the previous two late nights and gearing up for another party that evening. All the fam came up to the property and we barbecued some steaks that Uncle B had brought up, along with some hotdogs and other delicious sides that everybody contributed. Uncle Leon took whoever wanted to go around the property giving them rides in a trailer, little kids rode bikes and played with goats, rode horses and had pony-drawn carriage rides, and of course there was plenty of motorcycle riding up and down the hill and around the property. Faith actually took a spill, crashed herself in to a gate, but she got right back on a bike with Lowell, so I am sure she won’t be traumatized for life. After dinner, most of us gathered around and sang to Grandma for her birthday that is coming up this week. So, there were cupcakes and brownie bites passed around to all those who wanted to eat sweets. After dark, there was a bonfire and more visiting. I had such a great time talking and laughing with Lucy and her sister-in-law, Mary, about all sorts of things from babies to dogs. I closed that night with a game of beer pong. Yes. I played beer pong. I played twice, actually! Ha ha! So unlike me, but Lowell’s cousin, Dylon, (is in the Air Force and on leave from Italy where he is stationed) wanted to play Lucy and me, so we faced off with him and his brother, Connor. We almost won that game! Then we were set up against our husbands. It was brutal. But so hilarious(!!) and lots of fun.

Sunday we went to Mass again with Grandma and Aunt Renee, then headed back to Lucy’s to get packed and eat a late breakfast. We got on the road and were home before I knew it. I was extremely tired and went to sleep as soon as Karolina did.

I have nothing but smiles and laughs when I think about this weekend! It was so great to see everyone again and to see my kids have a blast, romping through the property, playing with animals and cousins, and riding bikes and dirt bikes. Looking forward to doing it again.

Unfortunately, and quite like me, I didn’t take any pictures. So, if you know us well, you know all the parties involved in our weekend’s adventuring. If not? Well, just know we feel God’s goodness in blessing us with an awesomely huge family to share part of our life with when time allows!

Now, back to Lent! ;)


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