*In a Nut Shell

Tough Puppy


Faith broke her arm and has been casted in pink :)

She crashed while riding dirt bikes with the cousins and only shed a few tears about it before hopping back on a bike with Lowell and then running off to play tag and chase goats! The doctors and nurses are extremely impressed with her high tolerance for pain, as are we. She proudly boasts that she is one tough puppy! ;)

She will be in this long cast for about a week longer before she will get a short cast in which she will be in for 3-4 weeks.

In other Faith News, she is one funny girl! Last weekend, the neighbors were throwing an all out fiesta party with a jumper and loud, Spanish music. Our kids, of course, wanted to get in on the excitement, but we told them we weren’t invited to this big celebration-of-some-sort. Faith wanted to know why we weren’t invited, so Lowell told her it was probably because we are gringos. The kids naturally wanted to know what a gringo was, so Lowell told them that they were gringo’s. Faith was quiet during the dialogue over gringos and finally spoke up to say, “Well, what if I don’t want to be a gringo but a red-stop instead?”


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