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Radiantly You by Samantha

I am doing a Shout-Out of sorts for my friend, Samantha. Samantha and I know each other via our husbands, who knew each other in high school, but we actually connected in Virginia, thanks to the Navy. Samantha is homeschooling mother to her 4 beautiful children and resides in New Mexico.



Samantha just joined up with a company called Radiantly You. It is a small company on the east coast, started by a Catholic mom with three young kids. It is lines of household and personal care that is all natural and organic. If you are like a lot of moms out there, you know about the growing concern over the chemicals and preservatives that are dangerous to our health, yet found in just about everything we use. That being said, a lot of moms, who have the time, are making their own alternative household and personal care products, which is awesome! But, some moms, *ahem!* me!, are so busy that getting all their chemical-filled products replaced is time-consuming and/or expensive.

Enter Radiantly You.


Radiantly You has household items that can be purchased for CHEAP! and can be used on all types of surfaces from counters to floors without destroying them. They also carry laundry soap and bleach, too.

Radiantly You has a number of soaps, toothpaste, deodorant, etc that are so safe everyone of all ages can use them.

In May, they are adding a sunscreen and a bug spray to their line, and coming soon is a men’s line and essential oils.

All the products have about 12 month shelf life.

They have flat rate shipping of $6.95, no matter how big or small your order, and should arrive in the timely manner of 3-5 days.

RY also has 100% money back guarantee! (my favorite part) So, if you aren’t satisfied, no problem.

So hop, or click, on over to Samantha’s Radiantly You website and check it out. If you are overly crazy about it, you can join Samantha’s team, or just sign up to receive things monthly, or click over and order when and as you need it. There is no hosting shows, no keeping stock of products, and no buying catalogs or brochures to spread the word. It is meant to be simple for the moms out there who are excited about staying healthy but are busy raising their babies. Whatever you decide, please link up via this post to Samantha’s page so she can receive the credit.


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