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Our Funny Farm

This is the post where I talk about all the crazy things we have going on on our little spread of land!

We are on about an acre. We don’t have a garage, but we have multiple sheds. One of our sheds, just off the driveway, is home for bikes, strollers, and other toys too big to stay in the house. The kids spend most of their time riding bikes on our driveway, they call it the patio, because it’s the only bit of cement we really have. We have some little dirt ramps throughout the yard, so they enjoy heading out in the yard to “jump” those. They also spend their time playing in the tree house [that needs a face lift when Lowell gets some time] that was here when we moved in, and playing with the dogs and our 5 chickens.

It can be a jungle out there! lol
It can be a jungle out there! lol


The second shed we have is basically my garage/attic. We use it to store all that extra stuff we have but don’t need or use every day. That shed is at the back of the property. In the back, right corner, we have our chicken coop that Lowell and the kids built and next to that, our bee box. Yes, we are bee keepers! We still haven’t harvested our first batch of honey, but the guy who gave them to us (along with the bee suit and harvesting equipment) is coming soon to show us how it’s all done (and bring us more chickens…and go karts…and other exciting things!). Our chickens are free range, and right now, the plan is to allow all the new hens to do the same. But, with all the protectiveness, and literal pecking order, chickens hold, we will see how it all pans out introducing some new birds to our current crew. Right now, we are getting 6-8 eggs a day, it’s going to be crazy to see how many more will be added to the daily collection. We may have to start selling some, or at least share with our friends. The kids get up every morning and let them out into the yard and come in throughout the day with egg deliveries. It’s totally effortless on my part, I just have to do something with the eggs, and the kids handle the rest.

kids painting the chicken coop
kids painting the chicken coop
my guard chickens
my guard chickens. I walk by all the time and there is one, or a few, just checking in on us! 
My first, and most regular, Guard Chicken
My first, and most regular, Guard Chicken

We’ve also got a garden going. I am currently growing corn, bush beans, peas, tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, and watermelon. Phillip has removed my cucumbers for me, so those are waiting to re-sprout ;)  I planted rose bushes around the garden and, also put some around my bees, and planted an avocado tree as well. Can see it off to the right in the second pic below.

20140504_105146   20140504_105017-1

Our neighbor is raising a pig for us, so we will get some pork this fall, and my dad has offered to raise some beef for us, so we are trying to figure out how to work that in as well. :) We are doing pretty well in the home-grown food department! We are hoping to get some decking material in the near future. When we get it, Lowell is going to build me a patio-deck and lattice cover (YAY!!!!) out our back door. I am going to do an herb garden in pots when he does so it will look all nice and pretty, and who doesn’t love fresh herbs, edible AND medicinal?? I will post about that when the appropriate time comes. I originally wanted to do a window-herb garden, but my kitchen window faces north and you just can’t grow a good window garden unless your window faces south, west, or east. Also coming soon to our little farm, is some goats! We are planning to get milk from our goat(s) and use them for weed maintenance. We are going to put them between the storage shed and the chicken coop, all the way in the back.

And for your viewing pleasure, I close with this bit. In all our bits of funny and random, we have had to do some red ant exterminating. We fought fire with fire! These guys took over the whole middle of our yard. Yuck. The picture shows our tree house and a glimpse of Lowell’s woodshop (to the left) that is also just a bit beyond the middle of the yard (a post about Sailor Daddy Woodshop, and it’s returning popularity and growth, is coming soon!), but not quite to our storage shed, and a shot of the chicken coop to the right of that (but is actually snuggled up in the corner of the property).


5 thoughts on “Our Funny Farm

  1. I can’t wait until we can have chickens and a goat… Although Chris would prefer a cow. Paleease let me know how that BACON tastes… You know when the time comes.


    1. our friends in NY raised pork for us twice…bacon doesn’t even compare. SO tasty!!! Cow for meat or milk? Goat milk tastes identical to cow and is way better on digestive system, especially little kids. Flavor comes from grass they eat, so if you feed them the same way you feed a cow, you will be golden! Hurry up and “make things happen” (because it’s THAT easy lol) and I can give you some of our chickens. Our neighbor just gave us some fertile eggs, too, so one of our hens is going to be a mommy in a few weeks. Wish you could bring the girls to see any survivors…


      1. Chris is lactose intolerant, so it’d be for milk. That’s why i want a goat. So he can drink it. I forgot about you NY pork…. Who butchers the animals you raise/eat?
        We are having to move again, and it may be an apt again or a townhouse.
        Your kids are going to have a blast with chicks! Mine would have fun…


        1. George is lactose intolerant as well, but he can handle raw cow or goat milk with no problem. If you can get your hands on either, you should! Sorry you have to move again :(


  2. You are hysterical! Lovin’ this! May even inspire me to keep track of everything Nick, Collette (& soon Rita) are doing….
    such a great idea <3


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