*In a Nut Shell

Ghost Eraser

Tonight, after dinner, the kids wanted to watch a movie. I said it was okay as long as it wasn’t Frozen. To be honest, I am ready to Let IT Go from our movie collection for a while….

So, Felicity is thumbing through her list of choices in the movie drawer and starts talking about “Ghost Eraser” and how it’s been so long since they last watched it. I thought it was a rather funny name for a movie, and definitely never recalled watching it or seeing it floating around with the other movies. But, she kept going back to it and talking about it.

“Mom, can we watch ‘Ghost Eraser’? It has been so long and you said we had to pick a movie that we haven’t watched in the longest time.”

She was so pumped, even the other kids were like, Yeah! Let’s watch “Ghost Eraser”!

I asked her if she was sure she was reading it the right way because I was pretty sure we didn’t own a movie called “Ghost Eraser.” She told me she was positive it was the right way, and proceeded to sing the opening song for Speed Racer, but sang, “Ghost Eraser, Ghost Eraser, Goooooo!”

20140506_191922-1And, for your listening pleasure, I bring you a quick trip down memory lane while you giggle some more about my silly kids!


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