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An Observation

I’ve noticed on my “Blog Tracker” that I get quite a few clicks to the Wedding Sermon page, but when I went to the page last evening, the sermon wasn’t even there!

Well, it was there, but I am sure nobody knew to click the date to open the sermon in a Word Document. So! I brought it over to the page so you can actually read it now, and then made a little note at the bottom explaining how to save it if anyone feels so compelled to do so.

In other news, Faith got her cast off yesterday. Our Tough Puppy continues to impress those medical professionals! We thought she was going to be short casted, but her arm has healed remarkably well, remarkably fast. They gave her a splint to wear when she plays outside for the next few weeks while she rebuilds some of that lost muscle and relearns how to use her arm regularly again.

Aaand, I found free decking material on craigslist! Yay me! :) So, my dreams of enjoying a place to sit outside, and smelling fresh herbs, are closer to coming true. I am totally jazzed!

Happy Friday :)


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