*In a Nut Shell

Super Babies & Whatnot(s)

Well now! I go on super blog mode for April and in to early May, and then it’s crickets from The Lowell Schaper’s. Don’t worry, people, we are still alive and well. Just busy with this crazy thing we call life.

Summer vacation is officially in full gear. The girls are relieved to be out (so am I!) and I am proud of how far they came this year. Both finished in first grade reading and math. Well, Faith is definitely at a second grade level in reading, and her math skills are pretty impressive as well, advanced first, if not second grade. We will do some bridge work over summer, more so with Felicity, just to keep it fresh so when school picks up again in August, they won’t lose their minds.

We kicked off summer with painting little toes, making paper airplanes, and I made Phillip a cape like the ones I made for the older three when we lived in Virginia (I thought I posted about it, but I can’t find it.). He takes it with him everywhere, including the tractor tire outside, next to the tree house. Pretty sure his awesome adventurer-self won’t notice all the yuck, but I really was hoping to take a picture of it to share. Maybe if he runs through here, before I finish this post, I will get one! The rest of summer is looking like spray parks, a trip to San Jose maybe in August, minor league baseball game(s), soccer for the girls (in middle August), and dollar movies (<—click the link to see list of movies and find a theater near you, and it’s twice a week! – woot!). My friend’s brother is a certified swim instructor, so I am also thinking about lessons for the older 3. They know the basics, but could use a little more form, and every college student could use some cash! I also am hoping to rearrange the kids rooms and put the girls together in one room and the boys in the other. I need another bunk bed first. (hint, hint! Honey, I think the woodshop is calling ;) )

On Memorial Day, our chicks hatched! We hatched 7 total, but lost one to a rude, pecking hen, one to Phillip’s non-gentle nature, and one to a hawk. So, now we have three little black ones and one blonde/brown one running around the yard. When they hatched, they were as big as an egg!! Imagine an egg with legs :) oh, they are just SO cute!


We also harvested honey from our bees and filled more than half of a 5-gallon bucket! We have been sharing with neighbors, friends, and family. I got Lowell home brew grains and whatnot for our anniversary in April, so he brewed some BHAR Beer (Belgian Honey Amber Rye) with our honey and we’ve been eating it on waffles or in our Coaches Oats. Side Note: I think we are going to crack open the beer on Father’s day. It tasted amazing when we were bottling it, so I am excited to try it bubbly.

I lost my peas in my garden and most of my green beans. I almost lost one of my tomato plants, too, but was able to save it. I picked my first zucchini this week! I plan on celebrating by making zucchini bread, it’s just been a tad too warm to turn the oven on during the day. I have a million tomatoes that are all going to ripen at once and my corn is taller than me.

Karolina turned 7 months last week. She is full on speed crawling, climbs the couch and walks it, and can get up and down the steps we have that come off the kitchen and in to our “book room.” All of this of course means that she can follow me around and find me anywhere. If I am standing in one place, folding laundry or making a meal, she climbs me as well. She still only has two teeth, but I am sure we will see more this month. This picture was taken after my nephew’s Mickey Mouse themed birthday party.

7 months
7 months

Here are some photos of my super babies! Phillip did run through after all. And! I was able to find pics of the older kids when I did their capes in 2012. This was inspired by thesoutherninstitue.com via pinterest.


More again [hopefully] soon!


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