*In a Nut Shell

Melting, Melting!

I am melting in my house. We are all melting in this house! It is SO hot! haha! The combination of an older home with an a/c that needs recharged, it can do things like this to the insides…


In all my meltings-away, and agonizing wait for the landlord to send someone to charge this bad boy up, so I can atleast cool the kids down for bed time, my ultra-amazing, and oober smart, husband informed me of this little thing called a Homemade Air Conditioner. What is this you say? Well, with a frozen gallon jug of water and a few other items…

5 gallon bucket
foam liner
pvc cuplinks

You can create a little something that looks like this!


Insert frozen gallon jug of water and top with a fan and you have a built in a/c that will last as much as 5 hours. Hello cheap utility bill and HELLO COOLER LIVING SPACES! :)

All credit goes to desertsun02 on YouTube for sharing this dandy trick with us! Watch a quick video below to see how to do one yourself.

In semi-related news, for those who missed my status update, here is a little conversation between Phillip and me this morning.

Phillip: *comes in house with a sopping wet head*
Me: Phillip, please stop dunking your head in the dog water, it’s so gross!
Phillip: Mom, I didn’t, okay! *short pause* It was the chicken water.
Me: *rolls eyes* Oh well, in THAT case….



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