*In a Nut Shell

Vacation: in a 6 yr old’s mind

Our kids talk about their futures all the time, especially the girls about going to dances in beautiful gowns and high heels. Felicity was out playing in the yard with the other kids yesterday evening and came in with a very strange, but important, update to her future.

She said, “Mom, I am never going to go on vacation when I grow up. I just can’t trust a vacation.” I laughed. But, I was a little confused. So, I asked her where this came from, why the sudden urgency against vacation, what kinds of games are they playing out there? She put one hand on her hip and held the other one out as she explained to me that “if I go on vacation, I will lose something. Vacations can’t be trusted. I can’t let it [losing something] happen. So I am just going to go to college in my car and take NO vacations. It’s just a better idea.”

So, from the wise mind of an [almost] six year old, be sure you can trust your vacations before you go on one this summer…or ever! ha ha!


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