*Holiday Stories

The Quiet Man, the not-John Wayne-version

I want to tell the story of a man. At face value, he will measure up as any other Christian man in a general sense, yet having all his personal, unique values. But, as you look closer at this man, he is so unique that he really isn’t like any other.

He is quiet so is usually the most misunderstood person at a party. He hates small talk. His humor is like his interests: not the usual. He is in to sports, Nascar, all things beer, and discussions of faith/religion, politics, and natural law. He doesn’t want to change a persons mind, he just loves the heavy dialogue.

His personality is received as harsh, uncaring, and rude to many who haven’t given him a chance, or who didn’t know him growing up. Some might be too sensitive to try to work past his barrier, or maybe have broken the barrier but are impatient in wrapping their minds around his random and one of a kind mind. He is incapable of being fake. What you see is what you get. He has no hidden messages or meanings. When you look up “Point Blank,” his name is in the definition.

This man is full of life. His smile is warm. His embrace is strong. Any child who loves adventure, or randomly being thrown in the air(!), is sure to love him. He is strong. He is good. He is who you want to know in a crisis, or when you need to build or fix something. He loves and serves the Lord first in all things, and works on knowing Him better each day. He is a leader, and an example of faith and morals. He beats the sun to work Monday through Friday, but still has the energy to “help a brother out” if someone calls on him. He is determined, driven, and full of pride. He has a big imagination and is full of beautiful dreams. Some of his dreams are a little too beautiful for the world we live in, but leave it to him to figure out a way to make them come true any way.

He is my children’s father. The man who is full of corny stories that reach their climax at the wrong times. Who always encourages and challenges them to think things through and to be better. He urges them to be themselves and to rise above. He is always up for a picnic and long bike rides. He loves to sit on the floor and eat popcorn while watching Cars or Despicable Me with them. He loves to read them stories from the Book of Virtues. He is such a little kid at heart, I often refer to him as my sixth child. ;)

He is my husband. The one God chose for me. The one God brought to be my personal, physical aid on my journey to Heaven. The partner God has blessed my vocation to motherhood with. The only person who accepts my being introverted without reservation or misunderstanding. The one who gets me the maddest and makes me the happiest. The one who dries my tears. He is my rock, my pillar, my strength when I’m sure I’ve lost it. His solid strength, and his faith and trust in God, always keeps me on track when I feel as though I am wavering through what he calls “our perfectly crazy life.” When I look up to him, I know I am looking up to God in him. He makes me laugh with all his silliness. He makes fun of my being a girl when I am actually being one. You know, because I am a wife and a mom, so I don’t usually have time to do things like a girl typically does. He pampers all my victim-to-myself needs when suffering the hormones of pregnancy. He is a good sport listening to all my far-fetched hopes and dreams.

He is Lowell.

Happy Father’s Day, Honey!! Thank you for being you, and for being so selfless in all your actions each day. For being an example of God’s love in this crazy world. Thank you for saying ‘yes’ with me and being our kids’ daddy. And, thank you for choosing me to be your wife and being my husband. I hope I am at least a tiny stone for you to lean on in the way that you are my rock.

Thank you, God, for the greatest blessing in my life!


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