A Couple Rants

1) Why do people feel the need to put a huge negative on children, in front of children? I was out recently, with all five, and this woman could not compose herself in any way, as she freaked out about “how many” kids I have. Kids are an awful nuisance. She had hers 5 years apart. What was I thinking in doing that to myself. Atleast I got it out of my system. You should have seen her face when I, as Christianly as possible, responded to her,

Yes. These children are all mine. God saw fit to trust His babies to the care of my husband and me. Please do not speak so rudely about them being “unwanted,” or a pain, or a total inconvenience in. front. of. them. Please don’t proceed to tell me how to get a reign on what happens privately in my bedroom in. front. of. them. I came here to pick up some necessities, please don’t feel the need to come out of your way to scourge me, or my kids, because you feel compelled to say something. My kids are loved, wanted, and yes, it is hard sometimes, but the goodness and happiness they bring way outweighs all the frustrating times. Like right now.

Oh, and I managed to smile hugely the whole time.

It is hurtful, sometimes, the things people say. I have wider and wider gaps between the Negative Nancy’s and their comments, but they seem more brutal when they come nowadays. But, who are these people to just flap their traps IN FRONT OF the kids?! Maybe most kids don’t pay attention to what is going on between adults, but mine do.

I admit that we have rough days. It is 99% my fault it is a rough day, though. It’s only when I feel selfish that motherhood is it’s hardest. The more selfless I allow, or make!, myself to be, the more blissful our days are. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but it is always beautiful.


2) When we go to the local splash pad/spray-ground/water park, I bring a few towels and water bottles. That’s it. If I bring any article of food, the kids will picnic instead of play. We can picnic at home, kids, go get wet! One of the last times I went, a family was there picnicking. The moms couldn’t figure out why my kids would go run off, but they couldn’t get theirs to walk away from Capri Sun and Cheetos. I walked away to get Karolina wet, and when I came back, these ladies were feeding my kids. “Oh, I hope you don’t mind. They came looking for you and are just so cute! We gave them our Cheetos and some Capri Sun.” Um. Okay? What if my kids have food allergies? Or diabetes? Or, what IF I don’t want my kids to snack because we’ve only been here 20 minutes and we ate lunch an hour ago? I thanked them for their generosity, and gave my kids a couple Cheetos each and hand the bag back. But, every time I turned my back, these ladies were feeding my kids! I asked them to please stop because a-I want my kids to play, b-they aren’t hungry, c-we don’t do junk food regularly so now I am in for colossal melt downs. But they just smiled and insisted they share because they brought too much any way and my kids are just so sweet, etc etc etc. So, the whole one hour and fifty-three minutes I spent there, was spent eating and drinking. At the one hour and fifty-four minute mark, the melt downs began. I want more juice. I want more Cheetos. I don’t want to go play. I don’t want to go home. Phillip was orange and sticky, laid down and threw a Wal-Mart special in the middle of everything. My goodness. PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE [Schaper] CHILDREN. Is this a stupid rant? I mean, can’t a parent ask another parent, in some sort of discreet manner, if it’s okay to unload crap to their kid(s) before the crap is in the kid(s)’ hands?


3) Why are some 2 year olds positively terrified to go potty on the pot?! I swear it’s always the two year olds that need to use a potty, and not a diaper, that are the most scared to try this exceptional way of going potty. I have learned through past experience to let the child lead the way when it comes to potty training. Otherwise, it is this huge emotional battle that is completely unnecessary. When they are ready-ready, more than the ready you are and believe they should be, it will be done in a day or two. It’s these times you have to suck it up (quite literally, stink-y!) and just pray that the day is coming much sooner than later.


4) I have been on a personal summer reading program. I have read 5 books since school let out 3 weeks ago, 10 books since lent (some novels, some autobiographies, and a sort-of-parenting book). I am on a reading binge and I love it! Anyway, my final rant is about The Hunger Games series. The first time I read them in 2010, I enjoyed the political plot in it all. I was seriously annoyed with the love-story in it, but that’s okay, life goes on. Well, I re-read the series and have come to two conclusions: 1-I still enjoyed the political plot, and 2-I absolutely detest Katniss Everdeen. These books are a prime example of life with zero God, true. But this girl’s deterioration, although totally understandable, made me nuts. I can’t stand when people get so caught up in themselves and their problems, no matter how big or small, that they can’t function. I remember having this reaction to Bella in the Twilight series. (I never came close to finishing those books!) This is why we pray, eat healthy, exercise, and take vitamins. Katniss needed a serious dose of vitamin D, a hearty steak, and a leafy salad!

*On a happier side note, regarding reading, I am reading Pierced By A Sword again. I think it’s been at least 10 years since the last time I read it, but I am enjoying each and every page of it and the way it has refocused my praying all the time. Especially keeping a ‘friendly’ relationship with the Blessed Mother.


End rants. :)

What are you reading these days? What are your summer plans? What’s happening in your corner of the world for Independence Day?


5 thoughts on “A Couple Rants

  1. What are the 10 books you have read? I have also set a new personal goal to read more, and I think I’m going to start with Christian Self-Mastery but I’d like to know what else you’ve been reading. And I agree with all of your rants! Part of the reason we spend most of our time at home. I’m sorry you’ve had a string of unfortunate events !


    1. I read Have a New Kid by Friday, Redeeming Love, Left to Tell, The Hunger Games trilogy, Sons of Encouragement, The Strong-Willed Child, Water for Elephants. I know I am forgetting some. I am going to read The Mission of Motherhood, Freeing Your Child From Negative Thinking, and Beyond The Birds and The Bees after I finish with Pierced By a Sword. Most of these are re-reads. The only thing *new* was/is Left to Tell, Sons of Encouragement, and Freeing Your Child… I should be reading something more spiritual, but Left to Tell and Pierced By A Sword are sort of filling that growth/push ;-)


  2. Recently I had a lady in costco ask me “what I was thinking?!” Having 2 kids so close. My neighbor recently told me that the sign of a Christian is to be cheerful and confident, so I responded smiling, “oh! We are so excited!” The lady seemed to have a change of heart (or prrhaps i just misunderstood her sense of humor) because then she smiled back and said good for you. Since then my mantra has been “cheerful and confident” when confronted by senseless people. Sounds like you nailed this! And I think it was good that you confronted her too- you probably made her think! Way to go.


    1. It’s so true, Rachel!! I always make my responses with a smile because it always throws them off track. Like when they say “Oh you have your hands full” all grumpy like and I respond with a big ol’ smile “yep! FULL of blessings!!” they can’t come back with anything rude. I have learned that for sure, cheerful and confident (great term!!) is the only way to keep them, for the most part, off your case ;-) Who cares if we random moms want a small brood of kids and fairly close in age? I wish I had enough nerve to spin the ball and get all up in their business sometimes. hahaha ;-)


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