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I Love Vinegar

…I also love killer deals! I bought a Pack n’ Play that is a year old for $10(!!!!!!!!!!!) on our town’s exchange/yardsale group on facebook. It came with all the extra goodies and do-dads. It looked to be in excellent and clean condition, too. I bought it with my brother and sister-in-law in mind as they get ready to welcome their first baby, Noel, in the fall.

All that said, because it comes from a “stranger,” I wanted to make sure this thing was really in tip-top shape before my sweet niece takes her first nap in it. I decided I was going to wash it all with some vinegar on the driveway. Then, I thought that would be rather complicated, so I decided I would do it in the tub instead.

I went to my favorite search engine and searched ways to clean a Pack n’ Play. Wouldn’t you know? Everyone said to use vinegar and to do it in the tub. I was kind of disappointed it wasn’t my novel idea. Anyway, upon further reading, I decided to add some baking soda, Oxy Clean, and a drop of dish soap to my boiling hot water and vinegar.

water before Pack n' Play soak
water before Pack n’ Play soak

I put all the parts and pieces that didn’t have some HARD piece in the washer and washed it on hot, and I placed the pad, the changing station, and the bed (folded up) in the tub of hot water. After about 30 or 40 minutes, I flipped all the pieces so they could get an even soaking. I pulled the soft, miscellaneous  pieces out of the washer and let them air dry. After another 30 minutes, I pulled the big pieces out of the tub and took them to the drive way for a hose-rinse and air dry.

tub after pack n' play soak
water after Pack n’ Play soak

Let me tell you how much cleaner this seemingly clean bed looked after I soaked it!!!!! Oh my goodness! And the picture doesn’t show all the millions of weird floaties that came out. I am so stoked about this, and actually super grossed out. I have had our Pack n’ Play for 7 1/2 years. It has moved all over the country with us, been in storage a few times, and I have never given it more than a general wipe down with vinegar and a warm rag. Needless to say, I am itching to know what kind of results I am going to get when I do ours. Karolina is still sleeping in it, so I can’t do it yet. I mean, I could, but the pad took the longest to dry (about 2 days), and I don’t have that kind of time. So, when I  move her out of our room, I am so sending mine through the works.

So, I use vinegar to clean everything. I am not 100% convinced with using it for my bathroom, though, I want higher acid levels than what I get in store-bought vinegar. I am on a mission to make my own vinegar and apple cider vinegar because I use them both so much, I may as well, and I can get the higher acid levels, too.  I have been researching it and know I can do it, but haven’t embarked on the journey just yet because I have some questions I want to find answers to first. ACV is great for medicinal and cooking purposes (and conditioning scalp & hair!) and seems easiest to make. The white vinegar I use for like everything else from killing bugs to cleaning mirrors and cutting grease stains. I also use it, along with a dryer sheet, to clean the nasty ring that develops around the tub. Seriously, my favorite tool ever! But seems a little more complicated to make. I am determined to do it, though! Once I figure it all out, I will let you know how it goes so you can do it yourself as well. Why not save a few dollars where you can?


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