*In a Nut Shell

A Child’s Prayer

My kids’ prayers never cease to amaze me.

They all prayed so sincerely on Christmas morning 2012, asking The Baby to please let their Daddy stay home for a long time (not deploy), and two months later, we were scrambling with where to go as the Navy was letting us set sail out of the military.

Faith prayed so earnestly, every Sunday after Communion, for 3 months, that God would please send a baby sister, and He sent one to our great surprise!, when it was scientifically impossible to do so.

They prayed Lowell a new job, they prayed us the house we’re in…

And, this morning, they prayed my ant invasion away!

The ants have officially moved in and found the pantry. I have seen them in the house for about a month now and have gone to bed every night praying they don’t find the food. Well, they found it. They didn’t get in to it, but they found it. They did find some busted bottle of something they took a liking to on the vitamin shelf, but thankfully it wasn’t too bad to clean it up *heebie jeebie dance*.

So this morning gazillions of ants marched in from the ceiling and moved in toward the pantry, I just cringed and prayed some more. The boys were up first and wanted to know why half the pantry was scattered over the stove and few bits of counter space. I pointed out the ants and explained I didn’t want them to eat the food we have opened. I made some breakfast and we prayed. After our prayers, George and Phillip said, “God, please take away all the ants. Amen. All for Jesus.”

In 2 hours, there was like 10 ants left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I showed the boys and we said a prayer of thanksgiving. George added, to please keep them away, at the end.

Seriously? The coolest ever. I need to find my inner child and make my prayers more beautiful and pure!

And, I need to go buy some bug spray to do my part in helping  keep the ants away.


2 thoughts on “A Child’s Prayer

  1. You can’t??? What are you using to read them? I have the “like” button available, maybe if you are on a tablet or phone you can’t see/use it? Thanks for commenting, though! I enjoy the feedback :)


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