*In a Nut Shell


We have this annoying German Shepard. His name is Judah. The only thing going for him is his scary bark. Otherwise, like all dogs, is a pain. (no offense to the dog lovers out there, I really just have zero positive feelings for dogs.) The kids don’t like him much more than I do. They are typically like Lowell and love all things animal, but Judah tries to herd them together by biting at their ankles or pulling (ripping!!) their t-shirts when all they want to do is play in peace.

And, he licks. All the time. So gross. And, being right at the same level Phillip is? Well, poor Phillip gets a lot of facial attention from the big lug.

Today, Phillip battled himself, while getting his shoes on, with emotion, anger, and determination, about facing Judah.

“I don’t want him to lick me!” “I will say ‘NO! JUDAH’ like that.” “Mom, don’t let him lick me, I don’t like it.” “Mom, I am going to go play now!” “But, Judah will hear me open the door, I can’t go play!” “I will ask Faith to help me…”

I tried prepping him, getting him all brave about it. Pointed out the older kids already out running around and Judah leaving them alone [for the time being]. But, he just couldn’t muster the courage. Poor kid.

After a while, he came to me with a shoe lace.

“Mom, tie this right here so Judah won’t lick me.” And, I did.

Anti-Judah-Wear *original*
Anti-Judah-Wear *original*

He thanked me and marched right out the door like it was just any ordinary day, without a Judah roaming the yard. I followed behind him and watched as he approached the kids. Judah stood up. Phillip hesitated, then set his shoulders straight and walked right by the dog. Judah looked on as Phillip continued by and lied himself back down in his shade spot for some more of a nap. Phillip was SO proud his AJW worked. He turned around and yelled, “I did it, Mom! Judah didn’t lick me this time!”

I have gotten such a kick out of this. I was immediately reminded of Julian “Frankenstein” (his name is Julian but he decides he wants to be called Frankenstein) from the Adam Sandler movie Big Daddy and it makes me laugh all the more! :) (The little boy, ‘Frankenstein’, is shy so he hides behind a pair of sunglasses so nobody will *see* him)

Image from 'Big Daddy'
Image from ‘Big Daddy’



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