*In a Nut Shell


Lowell’s Uncle B comes and visits whenever he is in our neck of the woods. He takes the kids and me to lunch, or will simply drop in to hang out if it isn’t a meal time. We all look forward to spending time with Uncle B, and it’s an extra treat to see him more often than BBQ’s! He is great to have around and is loved by all of us ;)

I got some candid shots of him talking on the phone with his brother, Uncle Curtis, with the kids too, and wearing his new bling when he stopped by yesterday afternoon…

Talking to Uncle Curtis
Talking to Uncle Curtis


Loving the 'bling'!!
Loving the ‘bling’!!

The kids were trying to put hair clips on him, but he dodged that bullet by turning them into a different kind of accessory. Before this, they were playing, all four against him, trying to “get his nose.” They lost miserably as they received Wet Willies* and blocks in all his quick moves against theirs. Pretty sure Uncle B is part ninja! I was impressed how well he kept them all away. ;)

*”Wet Willies = I love you. It is the gift that keeps on giving.” Ha Ha, Well, according to what Uncle B tells the kids when they get one!

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