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Pretty In Pink

Karolina turned 11 months over the weekend. Where has the time gone??? It really goes by faster with each baby we’ve been blessed with.

A week before Fabio stopped by, Karolina was outside playing with George and Phillip. All was peaceful and quiet one minute turned screams and cries in the next. I rushed out to see what was wrong and was told that Phillip pulled her from our front porch (18″ drop on tallest portion) but Phillip declared he did not pull her, he pushed her. So, she was push or pulled from the porch and not happy about it. She screamed for about 30 minutes and seemed a little sensitive in her left leg. After she quieted down, I sat her with me on the couch and began to squeeze, twist, and turn everywhere from the tips of her toes to her hip. She didn’t flinch or cry out with any movement I did. She was ready to get down and play, but when I put her down, she immediately  freaked out as she put weight on her left leg and jerked it up. I sat her with me and started twisting and turning from the toes to her hip again. Nothing. So, I started to think that maybe she hyper extended her knee and decided to wrap it up tight with an ace wrap and monitor from there.

She seemed happy as can be after I wrapped it. Began crawling everywhere, climbing everything, just being careful not to put much pressure on that left side. I just watched it. And watched it. Lowell was out of state the whole week, so I wanted to be good and sure it was something huge before finding a babysitter and rushing off to ER.

The next day, she was in great spirits but still no pressure on the left foot/leg. I sat her down multiple times and did the usual squeeze, twist, and turn from the toes up to her knee with no reaction. And, no swelling either! Finally, at dinner time that second evening, I ran my hand straight down her shin bone and could feel something off just above the ankle and recognized minor swelling in that same area. I called Lowell and told him I was sure I found ‘it’ and was able to get one of my sisters to drive down to watch the other kids so I could take her in.

After 5 hours in Urgent Care and Emergency Room, and 4 x-rays later, we had a verdict: one hair line fracture and two small buckle fractures. The doctor said based on the placement, he thought she probably went feet first but landed with bad footing. Below our wooden porch/deck is the original cement walk way. So, I concluded she must’ve landed half on that cement lip and half on the dirt. Poor baby :(

All wrapped up!
All wrapped up!
but still unstoppable!
but still unstoppable!

I was told to get her in to Ortho within 14 days so she could get hard casted. I was then on a mission to get her in to see them. A mission that was much harder than I care to tell. Basically, I went to an ER outside of our insurance and eventually found out I had to start over at the ER within our insurance in order to see an Ortho within our insurance. Yay! (not really…)

I loaded her up and took her to the “new” ER and got more x-rays and the referral to Ortho. Those x-rays showed healing on one of the buckle breaks, but more hairline fractures and on both bones. The good news about this appointment, well we thought it was good news at the time, was that she was re-soft-casted in a short one so could crawl and be the crazy, wiggle baby with much more ease. Life moved on and we awaited our Ortho appointment.

a trip to Winco after 2nd ER trip (crying because she just couldn't wait any longer for check out to eat her tootsie pop)
a trip to Winco after 2nd ER trip (crying because she just couldn’t wait any longer for check out to eat her tootsie pop)
15 minutes later, sugar crashed peacefully on the drive home (notice the short cast in corner)
15 minutes later, sugar crashed peacefully on the drive home (notice the short cast in corner)

Ortho day finally came. More x-rays to show more bends and breaks and buckles. I don’t know if their x-ray equipment was just that much better or if there was added trauma due to the fact that she FIGURED OUT HOW TO ESCAPE her short cast and I was unable to keep it on her for anything. Ugh. The doctor didn’t seem alarmed by it at any rate. She also said that it doesn’t appear that any of the fractures are on or near growth plates, but we won’t know for sure until the follow up appointment in a few weeks.

She was long casted again in pretty pink and is still getting into and climbing everything and crawling everywhere! Our kids are super kids with their exceptional abilities to just truck on through broken bones like it was any ordinary day.

Freshly casted and not quite sure how she feels about it
Freshly casted and not quite sure how she feels about it
getting around juuust fine!
getting around juuust fine!

This was taken 3 days after she was casted. It is even yuckier now! ha ha! She is still a happy li’l baby and is not letting this stop her. Happy 11 mos birthday, sweet girl! What a thrilling ride 10 mos was, now let’s try to keep your 11 month out of the ER ;) <3


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