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Five Points of Interest

I have come up with five points of interest, and am giving the first answer(s) that come to mind that are relevant to the nature of the questions. :)

What I am doing:

Listening to the neighbor’s dog bark. And bark. And Bark. Oh, and blogging.

What’s new:

Soccer for the girls is going really well. Green Thunder hasn’t won a game yet, but the whole team shows significant signs of improvement each week. So proud of them all! Lowell is assistant coaching when he isn’t out of town for work and the girls really enjoy themselves and all their teammates. I am planning on giving them a big post when their season ends in November. Complete with pictures and cute bows I made with the help of pinterest.

Looking forward to:

A few things actually! 1) Karolina has an appointment with Ortho next week and I am eager to see how she has healed up. I am hoping it has gone super well and we can be done with the hard cast. It hasn’t slowed her down in the least, but I am ready for her to walk with ease and be free to play in the yard again with the big kids. 2) The girls’ First Communion! They are doing really well with their First Communion prep. I need to sit down with our priest again and have another conversation about Felicity being on board with this. He said it was a go when we first talked, but now that it is getting close to time, I want to talk to him again. Actually, Felicity has it down much better than Faith does. I mean, I know Faith knows, but when you put her on the spot and start asking questions, she sort of just freezes and waits for Felicity to begin the answer before she will chime in. I have had to start separating them for Q and A time after we finish our Religion class. 3) I got a referral to see a new Endocrinologist and am excited to get down to business with him when they can squeeze me in for an appointment.

Something that’s stood out recently:

On Sunday, it was Respect Life Sunday. Father announced at the end of Mass that he was going to give a special blessing to expectant mothers. It was kind of  strange to not be the first one to stand up, but the Lord hasn’t called on us for number 6 yet. However, in this fairly large parish, at the most popular 11:00 Mass, only ONE WOMAN stood for the blessing. Now, to be fair, there were a few newborns scattered throughout the church, but it struck me with a funny twinge. I immediately went back to my youth and on any given Sunday that every other woman walking up the aisle at church with her 8+ children in tow was also boasting a baby bump. I realize I don’t go to that parish now, but it made me sort of sad. I wish I could shout out how important and beautiful it is letting God work in your life, in your marriage. I wish that it was easier for big families to be big families and that it wasn’t looked upon as such an inconvenience. I think that if people put more faith in themselves, and God too of course, and less stress on paying for educations, having the latest “toys”, luxury vacations, designer clothes from the mall, and cable TV, they would see a whole new world that is just as great, if not more so, because it is so much more fulfilling due to selflessness. Being selfish is the only time I have a bad day. When I want to get back to my book instead of coloring a picture, or get on the computer instead of reading a story to a distracted toddler. When I put my family and my daily tasks first, everything goes so much smoother and I find myself with loads of time! I know this is true for me, but do I remember it in the thick of those moments where I have to choose? Nope. This is why God is so good! He lets us relearn this each. and. every. day. He is so patient with me. It’s a beautiful thing that I need to strive to be Christ-like in my day-to-day dealings because it makes me more aware of how I need to be with my family as I imitate how He has been with me. It is hard sometimes, but the joys and countless silly things way out weigh those hard moments.


I have developed a serious case of cystic acne the last few weeks. It was thanks to Google that I got to the bottom of why my face hurt so badly. Thank you hormones (to be said like crazy Aunt Voula from My Big Fat Greek Wedding). So, to treat it, I got back in the habit of scrubbing each night with baking soda and a dab of coconut oil, rinsing, and applying another little dab of coconut oil. I also started washing in the morning for the first time and took Tea Tree Oil to a q-tip and applied to the really bad areas along my jaw line. I noticed a 95% improvement within a week. The inflammation and the pain has gone away, but there are still a few pink spots where it was pretty gnarly and painful. Adult acne, I learned, is much different than usual teen acne. It sets up deeper under the skin and bursts there because it is so deep, unlike teen acne that is all on the surface. Since it is deep, and bursting, it gets infected and can cause pain because there is no escape for all that gunk. This is also the acne that will cause scarring, so if this is something you have trouble with, and you have a husband like mine, DON’T YOU (or he) POP AND SQUEEZE IT. Or pick at it. We aren’t monkeys picking each others faces over here. At least, not all of us are monkeys looking to pick faces. ;) Love you, Honey!!!

Here’s to my first October post! Hoping to be a little more active this month than I was last month. Thanks for stopping in!

What’s new with you??


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